I was up early today. I wanted to sort the insurance change over for the new car. They opened at 8 am  so  at  8.15 I  rang them. How  it’s so efficient  today.

From just a couple of questions they can pull up  all  your details. .I said to the lady I bet you even know what I had for breakfast don’t you.  It’s all so quick nowadays. And painless. I was dreading a large hike in premiums  for it. But  no. It’s just an extra £35  plus the dreaded admin charge. So I am well pleased. It’s all ready now for  Wednesday lunch time. As soon as I get the cover note I will drop it in. Ive been researching the car on  web. It is not a boy racer car, but  economic and reliable. Thats all I wanted really  apart from being higher  and easier to get in and out of. So we are  well pleased. I think  this will  be my last car. I am sure it will now outlast me. If I get  5 years out of it I will be hitting  nearly 80 and I can’t see me still driving then. The roads are bad enough now.But this is it , one owner ,under 13k on the clock, immaculate.

We took a ride to Minis bay to give Louis a run.  Its changed a bit since my last visit about  a year ago. There used to be a  a little caffee at the end  to get a bag of chips  and a cup of coffee. But  whenI walked in it today, its been  re built , now it enters into a posh bar. I was lost ,can I help you  came a voice. Yes  maybe, I  was looking for  a bag of chips,can I get them from you, or  next door?.  What next door she asked. It was a small restaurant now all in one.

While we sat outside waiting ,we read the menu. Oh dear.  A plate of fish food for one £45.  If you want a  plate of fish  food and a drink for 2 its £72.   Beer was £4 a pint.

We over heard a group of 4 who were shocked at  the bill.  A drink and a plate of sandwiches.  £15  for the drink and £48 for the platter.

It’s a shame ,I don’t recon they  get many  return visitors.

Anyway  we walked  right  up on the cliffs and sat in the sun for a while,  before walking back.  Mave said  it’s as much as she can do. So we then headed home. Where guess what we had a cup of tea. Sat in front of the box nodded off for an hour, at least I did when  I woke up mave was in the den.

Ah! such is life. I  emailed the garage to let them know the insurance was sorted and to thank them for  the way  yesterdays sale was conducted , also to ask if there was a power skt  for the sat nav because I could not see one. I got a nice response  and assurances that it did have a socket on the dash.

Of all the cars parked along the front we didn’t see one like ours.

We are  getting  ready for the london trip  on the  early morning fast train tomorrow. So it will be a long day and my next posting could well be a short one.


Been and Dunnit

I  used my new camera yesterday for some hd video. But I  found that it stalled. After surfing  net for advice. It seems i am using a SD card which has served me well in my other cameras. But this new one requires an SDHC card  to get good results in video. It’s a bit like wine when you read  all the blurb the adverts say you need,at some silly prices. But the experienced photographers recommend cards without bias. Which doesn’t mean the biggest and fastest and expensive cards out there. So I have chosen a relatively modest  8g sdhc which I am assured is more than adequate for my needs.

We went to Herne Bay  this morning to meet  our friends for lunch. But First  we popped into the station to  get our tickets for the high speed train on Saturday.  £53 .20. I said sorry I wanted 2 tickets. Yes thats right  £53.20 . I wanted  a return. Yes. she said you asked for 2 day returns to St Pancras on the high-speed train.  Yes but only  £53 quid. How come when I went  a few weeks ago it cost me £110.00 She said Saturday is Cheapday. Wow  I thought it was a bargain.

Then it was off to Herne bay. But  mavis wanted a diversion  to  the  Garage on the corner.  We walked over the road and into  the sales area. I lost sight of mavis for a moment. I scanned the rows of  motors. But couldn’t see what we were looking for.  I looked up and mavis was looking at me  beaming from ear to ear. This is  it she said.  pointing to  a motor beside her. i said  that’s not what we were looking for. i know but i like this one. So i  popped into the office. Can I have the keys for  it. So we sat in it .got a feel for it. It was in excellent condition and only  under 13k on the clock taxed motd serviced and 12 months warranty. But the boss was out  so we left.

WE walked around Herne bay  then went into  Wetherspoons to find our friends. I got a call  and it said be with you in  2 mins. We had a smashing day. We ended up  taking them to Reculver Towers. When  we came back we said our  byes. Then we set off for home. Mave said shall we go back to the garage to see if the boss is back.

As we walked in he came to greet us. hello he said sorry I was out when you came earlier. Would you like to take it for a run. I said would you take us  for a run I aam knackered. He said Oh hello Mr knackered I am  Roy. Anyway  he was a smashing  bloke. No pressure  or sales patter. He took us round the town and out on the main road. Telling us all about the car. and cracking jokes in between.

When we returned, he said is that your car? do you want a  price PX. Yes please. Within 5 mins he had been all over mine with his clip board and back in the office I found I had given him a deposit and agreed to sort my insurance and was happy to pick it up on Wednesday that gives them time to service it and mot it  and tax it for me. It’s a Daihatsu Siron  .

So its been an exciting  day. taken a few more pictures again.. Some good some  not so good. Its been so hot today.

Thats it for today.

Still Searching

My son phoned me last night. What have you been up to he asked. Oh not a lot  I said. Have you been out  today. Yes  ! we been looking at  cars. Oh  right he said whats up with yours. Nothing its fine,just thought we might  update it.  I said mum just said we are spending your inheritance. Go for it he said.  We discussed various cars. Then he said an A Class Merc would suit you.  MM  !   I said I’ll have a look.  If I ever breakdown he said and you pick me up. Turn up in your van but don’t bring the Merc. I said why, he said it’s not a real car is it.

He would prefer a nice american cad or a lincoln. He has a nice motor anyway a Prius.

My neighbour  called at 9 am  for help on his computer. I wasnt  showered or dressed that early. Anyway  I went over to  help. He thinks that  it’s all so simple , but it’s not , it took me a while to get to grips with  the publishing  thing.  When he said   OK what stage are we at now. I think he wanted me to say  .Ready to go and publish. But I said at the moment you and computers are like,  you want to drive a formulae one round brands hatch when you can’t ride a bike.

I have lent him some computer books. Without the most basic concept of computing ,do I have a chance , watch this space.

We have had the call  now. Hospital  is all sorted now. Mavis is settled once more. So here we go again.

But at the moment its  a coffee and toast. MMM I can smell it wafting  in here.

I have been locked out of MHF today. They confirmed my user name and sent me a new password.

But ” Computer says No ” So  if they don’t want me tough.

As we walked around  Herne Bay we were looking at all the parked cars. Oh  I like that sort. and No  I don’t want one of those. I thought mave was set on a fiat doblo. But now we’ve seen them up close its far to big. So its back to the drawing board. We might go looking in Canterbury on  Monday of next week.


This article was sent to me today.By Davis Haas

Cancer Survivors and Their Wisdom

Wisdom is not having knowledge, though many people associate knowledge and wisdom to have the same definition. Wisdom is the accumulation of knowledge, experience and application. Therefore a person cannot impart wisdom on another person until he has experienced the circumstance and applied himself or her to that experience.

A doctor has a wealth of information to give to his cancer patients, but he can never share his wisdom unless he has gone through cancer as well. To gain wisdom, cancer patients must seek advice from another group of people: Other cancer patients.

Cancer support groups are full of patients who have wise advice for other patients. Some of the members may be new patients who do not know how to cope with their situation. Other members may be patients who are in remission. The patients in remission can greatly help new patients understand and cope with their condition. Remission patients can teach new patients how to remain optimistic and have a positive sense of well-being.

Moreover, patients in remission can share helpful advice and tips that many doctors may not know about. The sharing of wisdom is extremely useful for people going through all different types of cancer from the common cancer like breast cancer to the rare diseases like mesothelioma.

Of course, cancer survivor networks offer more than just helpful advice to patients. Even talking or writing about your feelings is very therapeutic and can greatly help cancer patients. Being able to lean on other people who are going through the same thing can help patients feel empowered or confident about their condition, making them ready to tackle any test or treatment.

Studies have even shown that an optimistic attitude is important for a quick recovery. Radiation treatment and chemotherapy hurts the body’s natural immune system and healthy tissues. Therefore, the body has to work extra hard to repair itself after these types of treatment. Cancer patients greatly benefit from constantly being uplifted and feeling positive about their condition. Being positive may even indirectly ease the physical pain caused by the treatments.

When patients with the same mindset gather, an amazing event occurs. Fears are shared, and questions are answered. You may think that a cancer survivor group is full of miserable or scared people, but in reality, these groups offer an enjoyable environment for many cancer patients. Most meetings are filled with joy and optimism, along with new friendships.

If you have just been diagnosed with cancer, don’t let it get to you. There are people in this world who can help you. These people may be your next-door neighbor. This article also explains why cancer support groups are important.

By: David Haas

My Ratty

I was thinking about the little mouse ( rat ? )  I found the other day.                                                                                                                                                                                                  Where did it go. I wonder  if  he will  return one day with his family,  you know like Lassie come home did.

He would say here son, this is where I was saved by  the humans. They  put me on a blanket and laid me in the sun to keep me warm.

They tried to give me milk. If it wasnt for them son we wouldn’t be here today.

Then he will turn round and tell hundreds of his friend and relations we are home.

Sweet or What?.

A thank you to Nora for your subscription,  everyone gives me confidence to continue.

A neighbour was talking to Mavis recently about publishing a book. She said  yes its  not to hard. If you have any problems talk to Ray.

So I have spent a bit of time trying to get him up to speed. But he is a typewriter man.Know nothing about computers.  So its going to be hard work.

We have made arrangements with Mike and Linda to  have lunch in Herne Bay on Thursday. That,ll be nice.

We went  to  a couple of garages today  looking at cars. But  found nothing we liked.

Usually  we are impulsive. Yes we want to change cars or what ever and whoosh its done. But this time we know what we want and what we dont want.

We didn’t get a phone call or a letter  for the New hospital appointment.  We play the waiting game again.

Heard Some disturbing news  lunchtime. The government  can not afford to  pay for all cancer treatments..

So  does that mean Sorry  Go home and die?.

I know we are in deep trouble. But I was taught that charity begins at home. But we still keep sending money  abroad. ???

But then I suppose if I had an oil well in my garden, I could expect anything I asked for.

Funny old world init.


Dont know where things go

Dont it just annoy  when you put something away for safe keeping, then when you need it  you hunt everywhere but can’t find it.

Ive been trying to  add a set to Flikr. I just kept going round in circles. Even though I followed the tutorial. But it  don’t  say that to add a set you need to have pictures   first. You can’t  add an empty set then put pictures in it later. But Chris  to the rescue.

I just took a call this morning . I said hello! A voice said  is that mavis. No Its Ray . It was the hospital  for mavis. Its funny even though I say  who I am they wont  give me a message. Anyway we are back in the system again and now waiting for  further appointments. WTS.

Mave felt  brave enough  to take the long round walk today. So  even though it was spitting we managed the 45 + min walk. We saw what we think was the Waverly  paddle steamer  crossing to Southend. We did get round in the dry.

Guesse who we passed outside our corner shop. I think she was having a spot of car trouble. But before I could offer any help she was sorted .

yep that famous lady ??

Clue!!   she used to be head of drama or was it childrens programs? on TV?? .

she was and maybe still is an editor  of a large newspaper??

She is on Loose women??

She has red hair?? Oh! oh!. come on its not that hard.

last clue. J.S.P.

Got it now. of course you have. I would have taken her picture but I risked a smack in the gob.

We still havent had the second phone call?

What is it with dogs and postmen.

As we walked back home we saw a postmen across the road and a man walking his Jack Russel. Barking like mad. I said to a man at the bus stop,what is it with  postmen and dogs. Wow, then Louis spotted him  Bark Bark . Oh well at least louis is not the only one.


Love my new camera.

I am finding  most of the settings on  my new camera. I am happy with  it so far.Because my  main camera is a fuji and this little one is a fuji. The controls menu is similar.

I said to Mave  so whats on for today then. Nothing I suppose she said. But I grinned. What? have you got something planned she  asked. Go and ask Louis I said because he and |I have just sorted it. Look at him I said  he is so excited. Oh  blimey  you’ve planned something. What where When.  Ok just ask Louis I said he will tell you. So at the moment  I am having breakfast . So you my readers will have to wait till we get back to find out what.


We ended up at Faversham Creek. But  because of new houses  the tow path  has been cut  off  we couldn’t  find a way through. We came back  to look at  cars in the garage. But  the town was packed with visitors,not one single parking space so  sod it we turned round and came home. I found a new-born  mouse  on the path . I thought it was dead but it moved its legs but couldn’t  get off its back. So I  carried it  round into the back  in the sun to warm it up . I tried it with  some milk but  it couldn’t take it. So  we put him on a  warm duster and put him in a Tupperware box . When we came back I expected to see a dead mouse,but Hey  it was on all 4s now. I tried it with some more milk but  he didn’t know what to do with it.   will keep an eye on it.

We have to get  ready for  the trip to London  at the week-end. It’s on the fast train again. It’s for this years mesothelioma Conference.  Last year mavis was speaking. We got a rest  this year.


Shame but the little mouse has disappeared. I think  he perked up in the sun and made a break for it. Ah well  that’s my good deed for the day. While on the subject of pets. As I passed our pond I caught site of one of my fish, I was surprised at just how large he had grown  in a year. he was about  2 inches, but  today he is pushing  4 inches easy. I didn’t have my camera ??? silly. But I will  keep an eye on him.

Just  to keep you up to speed. I still have my shingles pain. This past few days its been back with a vengeance. It’s localised to  the front half of my tummy. Its been so long now I wonder if it will  ever go away now.

Mave tells me now that my little mouse may have been a rat. She said would you have still looked after him if you knew that. Of course I said,we never see rats here,there’s probably lots out on the marshes here. But  it wa  on its own and struggling. His mummy was looking for him. I hope that’s where he has gone to now.


Lights Working

I  was a bit worried yesterday. I mentioned that I had doubled the charge power on Mavis  lemon tree. The problem was the lights didn’t last long. I don’t think their charger was man enough. I did put bigger batteries in but  it didn’t last. So I canabalised one of  the other lights. By joining 2 solar panel in parallel. it seems to have worked but I really need a couple of days good  sun to make sure. I checked them at 10.30 pm last night and they were still  full on.

later today  I think it’s still on for jessops. I keep trying  my camera. But it will not focus. and its making  nasty noises when I  zoom.

I can’t  set the atomic clock on my weather station. I only put a new battery in it. All this technology drives me mad. Ive spent ages searching for a new camera,one that takes the same batteries that my other one does. I have spares. I don’t want to  go back to rechargeable AA. It seems with each new model  they invent new batteries that  you have to buy because yours are slightly  smaller or bigger or something.. Mavis is searching the net for new cars. A couple of months ago  I sourced a Fiat Doblo, But  she wasnt interested. So what is she looking at now Yep you guessed it. But she also likes the hyundi. So watch this space.


back home again. We had a round the coast ride.I went to Margate  to buy  a camera. I phoned up before I went to check  stock. Usual  things ,When I  arrived I said good morning. I spoke to  a gentleman earlier  regarding  Fuji stock.  Ok What were you looking for. Hmm! they looked on the shelves they looked unde the counter they looked outside in the window. What  was that number again sir.  They  looked on the shelves they checked under the counter they looked outside in the window again. Are you sure who ever you spoke to  said we have it. Just then the manager walked past. I  jokingly said Its your fault  they are blaming you. I didn’t know he was the manager. They are. They can’t find the camera I  wont.  Give me the number . Ok  we dont recognise that just tell me what it is you are looking for. Ah!  he said we have it but its a different stock code. So he whips this one on the counter. Sure enough it did have what i was looking for. he let me take it outside to  take some pictures which looked ok. As it happened it is similar controls tp my  big one. Ok I’ll take it.  So we took  some pictures of the kite  flying on the beach. Then off  round the coast to  Cliftonville and onto Joss bay more pictures, After an ice cream we found a farm shop picked up some fresh stuff and slowly headed home again . lovely weather,nice ride.

I put the pictures on computer, They are definitely  much better than my other compact it replaces. So not disappointed.Me and my new Toy