A screw Loose

While mavis was in the shower Rod skyped her. Hi ray he said where s mavis. In the shower I said . OK too much information he said. We had a long chat just he and I.  He has picked himself up and is stepping  forward again. He said he will see me in AprilContinue reading “A screw Loose”

Home again.

What a nice weekend again. I had reservations on just how well mavis would cope. But need I have worried. No. She has done well. She is shattered now that we are home again. So she can have a snooze and she will bounce back again.. We had good company and a great weekend.There wasContinue reading “Home again.”

Brogdale Today

While we were greeting old friends at  the AGM yesterday. I was pleased to see  many  of Maves old friends greeting her and giving her hugs. All  asking how she is doing and commenting    on her blog   interested  in her trial asking   questions. After we left we were meant to go to Notts CutsContinue reading “Brogdale Today”

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