A screw Loose

While mavis was in the shower Rod skyped her. Hi ray he said where s mavis. In the shower I said . OK too much information he said. We had a long chat just he and I.  He has picked himself up and is stepping  forward again. He said he will see me in April or may of next year.


I have got to  go to the bank today so  I will call in the local art shop and see if I can pick up a couple of  Art Boards. I must get started again.

I have had my mi-fi on charge for about 14 hours and it’s still not  full. I used the charger from my Ipad. It’s not worked. So I have ordered a 3 mi-fi Charger for it. Hopefully that will cure it. I need it when we are away.

Im glad to see mave is recovered from the weekend away. Fighting fit and raring to go.

Ok so we set off to town and found the camping shop. I needed a new water carrier. But as I  walked away from the car I spied a screw sticking out of  my tyre.

Oh no.  Now do I pull it out  and risk a flat.  I must have a 100% reliable car to get me to the hospital for mavis.                                              I can’t risk waking up in the morning  set to leave at 08.30 am only to find a flat.   Ah ha!  next door is a Tyre  depot. How neat is that.  A walk into there. Can I help the man said. Yes I have a bloody great screw sticking out of my  tyre. Can you  fix it. Yes  just bring it in.   So I literally drove round in a circle out of one gate into the next.   MMM! sorry can’t repair that he said its to close to the edge.  It needs a new tyre.  OK I said if  that’s it a new tyre it is.  I’ll just check  the rest he said. Oh  dear what next I thought.  The others are ok but you have a very slight  wear on the front. It’s probable that tracking is out. Do you want me to  check. Ok then I said reluctantly. So I left it with him and we walked up the town, we had to  Bank a check for just under £200.   I called in the Art shop. Sorry he said we have a class in progress what did you want.  Ok  we have a shop  further down the  town. So  off we set again. The art shop didn’t have  what I wanted.  We then  had to get some Spot On for the dog. Then a walk to the Bank and then on to the local butchers, then a walk back to collect the car. It’s all done he said with a smile as we entered the gates. You can Pop into reception . When I popped out I was £ 76.72 lighter. By the time they add  new valve,  laser alignment, new tyre, a disposal charge  it mounts up.

Like the advert says you didn’t expect to be doing that today. So  after the vet bill ,the tyre bill ,and a bit in the butchers. I havent got a lot left out of my original £200 quid check. Before I went out I also had to renew the home insurance and tax the van. Its been a painful week.


Right after lunch I got my brushes out and found a small canvas behind my desk. . Wallah! I scetched and started painting first my  picture  for ages. Its blocked in and as usual looks crap. but its early days yet.

Home again.

What a nice weekend again. I had reservations on just how well mavis would cope. But need I have worried. No. She has done well. She is shattered now that we are home again. So she can have a snooze and she will bounce back again..

We had good company and a great weekend.There was nothing on the answer phone so we don’t know what the call from the hospital was about . We will phone in the morning.just to see why they phoned.

Talking to  Andy this weekend  a fellow painter has inspired me to get my brushes out again. Its been too long since I  did anything  .Its a shame i shouldnt let it slide.


Morning to you.its a warm day .we are camped accross the road from the sea.we had a nice long early walk with Louis.
We received our new camping coats so now we swan round and get lost in the crowd.
I know Maves has done her blog I hope it’s longer than mine.
Not much to add sorry.

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No problems

It seems my post yesterday caused a bit of alarm. We can assure all you lovely people that we don’t have a problem. Mave has just had a couple of bad days. Some one said you are a brick Ray mavis said tongue in cheek that  it should have been a P not a B. I’ve no idea what she means. We are all entitled to bad days.

We are away later today on a Camping Rally. So todays post is small. I will  post  tomorrow from my ipad. I hope it works. If not I’ll be back here on  Sunday evening.

Computer Happy

I am back on my main computer again. Its like having a puff on a stick. So much better. Ive found a nice app for my ipad that  lets me write notes and post them to my desktop for later.  I dont know what was up with me yesterday .I didnt feel at all  well. My stomach felt  bloated and shaky. I  felt like I do when my sugar is low. No energy and weak. I felt sick all day and didnt want any tea. But  strangly after I had had it. I began to feel a little settled. Just  one of those off days I suppose.We are off again to Hospital for  another Drug trial session later.

Just after we took Louis out for his walk this morning. Our friend had called to see us so we had a quick chat indoors to catch up with news.

Then we had to leave.

We arrived at the hospital early as usual. And waited and waited. Eventually 1hour late she went in. I took a walk to the car parking station as last week when I put my money in a man said you don’t have to pay. To late now I said. So I asked the question this week. Just bring your ticket and blue badge here when you leave he said. So that’s what I will do. After all £8per week is £ 32 a month.

I wonder what Mavis will have to tell me when she comes out from oncology. She has worked herself up into quite a state this past few days. I know she is worried

over her leg swelling and the pains in her chest. I just wished she would confide in me, it’s no bloody good if she pretends all is ok, then working herself up in secret.

We have had little chat, so maybe it will work itself out. Do you still love me she said?. Of course I still love you you silly sod. But she thought I was angry with her. No of course I am not. I said you can’t do it all,your trouble is your to clever by half. Ease up slow down for a bit. Make sure you tell them today. But I bet she won’t. But we are back here again on Tuesday, we can discuss this then.

I just got a cup of tea and a Mars bar sitting here waiting by my reckoning I have about at least another half hour or more at least to wait.

Well I’ve just had surprise it’s half past 3 an announcement came over the tannoy. Calling my name I looked around for someone with my name then a receptionist came over are you waiting for Mavis. Yes . Ok we have a small problem it’s nothing to worry about. But would you like to go to Maynard. Ok so after giving me directions off I went. When I arrived. A nurse came out Raymond. .? Yes that’s me. Ok you can have a chat with Mavis she will tell you what’s occurred. She said sorry but I’ve only just gone on the machine. I said but you’ve been here 1.5hours. We have problems with the machine again. It’s taken all this time to sort it. Brilliant ! we had this last week didn’t we. Are they going to sort it or are we going to have the same problem next week. We need to talk to. The Doctor next week when we come. So looks like another hour before we get out of here that means 4hours we’ve sat here. We will be in rush hour traffic now.

You have reached 3000

First let me say a  thank you to  all  who  take the time to read my mumbles. It has turned 3000 views. When Rod persuaded me to  venture  down the blog path. I had serious doubts.What could I have to say that’s of interest to anyone. But he insisted .  Thank you Rod.


I expect today to get my computer back. apart from this we have nothing planned.


The phone rang at 9.15. Your computer is ready. So after breakfast we set off.   How black it looked.  The traffic into town was at a standstill so we diverted and parked up.

Walking back to the other end of town to collect it. The heavens opened . We got well and truly wet.

So it was collect it and swim back. Later  at home the postman rang.   I think these are all yours he said. he gave me a bundle  all tied up with  elastic bands.  Among it were my  Tax Disk,  Several letters  ,revised appointments for mavis. The refill perfume bottles, A replacement battery for my 3 g, The apple peeler machine, and lastly the 1 tera hard drive.

I don’t know why but  I just put it all in the den and left it. I feel like a shaky wet rag today. My tummy  feels full of butterfly’s and a bit sickly . I have no energy at all. I am all shaky, like I have flu coming, but I’ve had the jab so it can’t be that.

I watched mavis nodding  and I closed my eyes to try. But no good. eventually I  came back in the den . Iv e opened the packet  with the spare battery. Put my tax disc in a safe place, Opened and read the minimal instruction for the hard drive. Disconnected and put away my laptop. Set up the desktop. To check that its ok. The engineer said he had speeded it up  as it appeared to  be running slow. Well it does seem faster now.

Later  when I am in a better mood, I will do a full system backup and create a boot disk, so that  hopefully the next time I get this problem I can reboot and re install all my desktop again.


Mave gave me a scare last night. It had been a funny day. Both of us couldn’t seem to stay awake. But  halfway through Corry she staggered in the Den where I was playing cards. Sorry Ray but can you make me a drink and get my painkillers. She looked so pale and was clutching her chest. Whats up I asked . I just feel funny she said  I nearly passed out and I’ve got  this pain in my chest.. So I told her to sit down in the front room. I gave her a coffee and painkillers. She didn’t seem to pickup for a while. I asked her why  on earth didn’t you say you didn’t feel well  instead of sliding off into the loo. She said I didn’t want to  scare you.


I’ve ordered from amazon an external drive complete with backup system software. Hopefully this will  help in future  crashes and system crashes.

Although  mave was up early again she is feeling better. We have to go to the hospital  for blood  again  in Canterbury.We watched that  thing  mummifying Allen. Interesting But  a little ghoulish .


I’ve just phoned the computer shop . It will be ready later  on. It’s all sorted and it’s not going to cost me anymore  money. They have saved all my work . So at last I will be able to do my thing.

We  had journey to the hospital, mave decided to go to a different park and ride . Derr!!! , we got lost. I’ve done a  39 mile trip  which should have been 24 mile round trip. Oh well !.  We did a bit of shopping in Morisons , that made her happy. But Canterbury was packed.


As  time was passing and getting close to  the shops closing time I thought it  best to phone again. They are still running tests on it. It seems I have 5 Virus programs running. It’s verry slow he said.  I have removed  all but one.  But it still  is running slow and I want to  bench it some more.   I presume that means more tests. I said it’s getting late now  so we agreed that he keeps it   and ring me again tomorrow.   So I  will have to put up with my laptop for another  day..

We have just walked louis round before it gets too dark. There is some heavy black cloud up there. I  recon we are in for a spot of rain later. At least we have a hospital free day tomorrow.