New years eve

Still a damp day. Louis had a good run in the park. We stood around chatting . Then Mavis remembered we needed MORE food for the table tonight so we decided to walk to the village. But mike wouldn’t have it he insisted he takes us to tesco. So that’s what we did.

When we got back I tried out my Christmas pressy the reversing camera. I just temporary connected it to see if it worked. Yippee it’s only a little picture but it’s clear. I must fit it on a bit more permanent so I can use it going home.

I can smell dinner so I’ll get back later.

Later ,after lunch Mavis said I need a nap. Ok I said you drop off. So I set about emptying the toilet and topping up the water tank.. When I got back in the van she was awake and short tempered, snapping at me, why are you in a mood I said. I’m tired. All I wanted was a nap but you have been banging about making a hell of a noise. Sorry try and have a nap now. NO she snapped again that’s it.

I said I am so sorry,it really upset me. I said I love you to bits I will do anything for you,you know that. She said what like washing up. I said oh come on 2plates. Ok walk the dog. I said I could have done that. But you didn’t.

She did manage to shut her eyes for a bit. I should have realised that. As usual the weekends away are very taxing for her. It’s out of her comfort zone now. She tires quickly.

She was worrying about cooking the stuff for the party tonight. because she has to do it all.

But it was a wake up call for me. She isn’t as strong as she used to be however much she pretends or thinks she is.

just remember I am not perfect but I try. I love you. And I should not have been blind to your needs.

Took a walk

Louis kept onalso we had to take him out. A. Walk to the shops but Mavis wanted to go on. We ended up down on the waters edge watching the cargo boats coming in.

A slow walk back ,toyed with the idea of a bus into Southampton but decided maybe later. NowMavis’ has all the cupboards out tidying up. It’s a cheese and wind.  Evening tonight so thatwill be  Nice

At least it’s not cold today a bit damp. I’ve been up on the roof cutting branches  thatkeep tapping in the wind..Mavis just told me its dinner now. So her who must be obeyed is preparing it.Ive got a thousand pounds worth of satellite dome sitting on the roof and I can’t get a signal. I have a lot of big trees all round me.  So the soaps will have to wait.if I get bored later I might attempt to install the reversing camera.


Away Today

Well I think Mavis approved of my blog yesterday. I heard her chuckling as she read my updates. i got told off for saying she said it was boring.

I spent  a couple of hours doing  more to my painting. When mave walked into  the kitchen she said Wow! Ray that’s lovely . So  that’s the seal of approval. It is coming on . Most of the hard delicate bits are done now. so after we get home from new year it shouldnt take long.

The vans packed and we will be off shortly.


We arrived safe. But tired.Traffic was good even though it rained most of the way. my wipers broke,not handy in the rain.

After setting up we walked into Hamble to the shops for a few bits. Then it was chill out time.  Val and Mick came in. Louis was good he didn’t bite anyone.

Later Mavis went visiting. We had a sweet and sour for a late lunch,later we are all going to meet in the hall for a chat.

We just hope this rainy showers goes away.

I did my Tarzan bit, the overhanging trees were banging on the roof and windows,so I dragged up a table to climb on and was hacking off branches with a pair of pliers and brute strength. There is still a big one up there but I can’t reach it.

We sat and ate Sonja Belgium chocolates. Louis liked them too.

I think that’s about it for now,more tomorrow.

Not today

We were ready to go  away again today. but I had a long drive home yesterday and I couldn’t face  another long drive today. On top of that we need to  go  shopping  this morning. So  it will be tomorrow now.

It wasnt the distance so much as the traffic yesterday. Nothing more tiring than  stop start move a few yards at a time and give a cheer when you get out of first gear for a few yards.

We came home and last night we opened our presents.

I am charging  camera batteries ready for the off.

I’ve put my paintings in an online slide show : Click

I’ve set up  connected and sorted all the christmas pressys  all I got left is to hang a SAD Light box for Mavis and sort a reversing Camera in my Van. But I will take the bits for that with me tomorrow and if its fine I can do that while  away . Its surprising  just needs to be sorted electric wise  or inserting batteries.

Does anyone watch Mrs Browns Little boys. We never watched it before but  we did  boxing day  we were all in hysterics I must  make sure I don’t miss it again.


Mavis said my blog is boring! Put your thoughts down . I said I dont have any. She said what did you do today. Not a lot I said. There you are then your a boring old sod. Derr! Sorry. I got up this morning. had my breakfast  did my emails had 2 cups of tea took my pills spent about 20 mins in the bathroom. Looking at myself in the mirror. Oh you handsome swine I thought. Then I realised it wasnt a mirror but  a calender of superstars. Still I can dream cant I.

We planned to  go shopping for a hoover . We found a great shop in Sturry Full of everthing you can think of. Shall we go in and have a look. Wow Arts and Crafts was staring me in the face. So after looking around downstairs I dashed up the escalator to the Arts  Dept. If only I had found this before Christmas. But now I have a source of materials and paints. I  bought a couple of Art pens . One was dried out and doesnt work so for  £2 thats now in the bin. But  I got a couple of brushes. And made a mental note of whats on. I will  definately be back. We bought some nic nacs and we were going  to currys but they had a better hoover and cheaper. So we got that. Sorry Mr Curry. I  popped over the road to Maplins I needed a couple of battery terminals. What  do you think. Only had red but no black. So  At home 2 got painted black. Now I have a set of pos and neg terminals. Amazing what you can do if you try. Then we came home had a snac. i hunted my toolboxes out for a rawl plug and a screw to fit maves light box but i havent got the right size.

I have put the battery in the tide clock I got for christmas. ive set that up.  Ive crimped the terminals ready for the reversing camera. Sorted my  web pages.

Maves blog

Home again

After a  great christmas we are home again. The journey home took over 3 hours  to do  120 miles it was busy.

After dropping  our grandson off  we headed back to the motorway and the last leg home.

Its been different spending christmas away from home. But  our son and daughter in law did us proud. She wouldnt let mavis lift a finger. She was waited on like a queen.

She was gobsmacked when she opened her christmas present. A ticket  for the Orient Express. Noy your usual box of smellys was it.

We have watched squirrels and all sorts of  robins pidgions and pheasants  all feeding  in their garden. It was so mild.

Tomorrow we put the rest ofthe stuff in the motorhome and off we go again on Thursday to meet friends again. I hope the roads are better.

i hope all of our friends have had a good christmas. Now I wish you all a happy New Year.

maves blog

Boxing day

Well we had a smashing Christmas day ,the journey up was gooD.  Wehave been treated like kings. Mavis has had a good rest. We had a walk in the park after lunch yesterday. Don’t knOw what is on for today.must wait and see..but mmave is doing well.

Visiting Friends

When I  awoke this morning I toddled into the kitchen and the first thing I saw was the painting I left last night propped up on the table. Blimey it looked really good, and its only half done.

We are off early to  visit some friends then when we get back its packing the car with the final  bits so that I can fit the bike rack on . We have bought the rack for my son and we are giving them 2 bikes to go with it but we have to transport them to  him.


Back from our visiting now. a quick-lunch and now the manic bit starts. Got to  load the car ready for the off early tomorrow. I don’t know if  I’ll post over christmas. Then I don’t suppose many will be reading it anyway. We will all be full up or half cut ( with any luck )

Mavis will get a few days break and a rest. Then when it’s all over we are back on  chemo not a pleasant thought.

So in case I don’t tap the keys tomorrow..

I will wish  all my friends and bloggers a Merry Christmas.