Things are Looking up

When I climbed carefully into bed last night. My back was really troublesome. My session earlier  was giving me jip. But Ive got up  today and it seems a lot better. My chiropractic man likes to hear my back crack. He pulls it twists it kneeds it until he hears me Grunt and the loud crack. Yesterdays was particularly uncomfortable.

WE shall see.

But  the good news is Mavis is up and about. She said she feels good. I just hope it stays good. The thought of another bad couple of weeks is not a good one.

She is still very wobbly and unsteady. Not  a lot of energy but  awake!.

I am working hard on my latest painting.

We have got our first smattering of Snow today the roofs have a coating and its  sleeting  at the moment. It’s not so cold . I took louis for his walk and was quite surprised how mild it was.

I hope it  doesn’t get like last year as I have to get Mavis to and from  her appointments. I have to get her to one on Wednesday which is a 90 mile round trip. She is to have a permanent catheter installed so that it will be easier to find a vein in cold weather,as this last one yesterday  they had a job to  get one. It will be like a tap to take blood and an entry to pump in the chemo.

I have done the excersises  for my back. That seems to be improving.

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Chemo for Mave Chiropractic for me.

Its an early morning got to be at Hospital  for 8 am start. Then Home for a couple of hours then Off to Chiropractic for me.

Although  my backs not 100% I can feel  that I can do things I  wasnt able to do  before. But I still give it a lot of respect.

Ive sketched most of the new painting. I hope to  finish this stage today and get started on the paint bit.


Traffic to hospital was good. We arrived  early ,she was the first patient as usual. So when she was called in I said my goodbyes and came home.

I did a bit of painting ,had a cupa soup. Then I took louis out for his walk..

Its always a lonely time when I have to leave her in  hospital all day. I really hope this session will not be as nasty as the last one.

Do you think the RBS Boss got embarrased when he read my post yesterday,maybe thats why he wont be taking it.

Naahh! Maybe not.


I did my chiropractic session. he said after that  he need not see me  for a week now. Thats good. But  while sitting in the hospital  with mavis It was most uncomfortable.

he gave me a series of excercizes to  do. I recono they are going to either kill or cure, not a lot of hope for the cure. We shall see..

Mavis is home now Louis went Mad as usual. We have had our  meal now. She says she is ok but I can see it in her face, she is tired. can I just sit here she said. Silly question  of course you can just sit there. I dont expect you to do anything. I dont want you to do anything . Just feel better soon thats all I ask.

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Million Bonus for pensioners

A rough calculation today is ,it would take a pensioner about 100 years to earn that much. I think paying the RBS that much is obscene. After all its our money they play with,and as the taxpayer owns half of it why dont we get a say  at their shareholders meeting in April.

Now on politics show they say  he will get 8 million  bonus this year. And that it has been cut in half so was he meant to get 16 million. It beggars belief! No wonder we are in deep deep dung.


Its last day before chemo day. The first  time we had this  journey. The chemo of 21 days cycle was 10 days bad and 10 days good. But this new lot has knocked her for 6 its really been a bad 21 day   cycle with only a few days a little better. her good days are not as good as her good days last time. So  tomorrows dose we are not looking forward to.

I am halfway through  the washing up “Bang ” coming from the passage, I ran up to see what . Mavis is on the floor she HAS FALLEN OUT THE BATHROOM AND HIT HER HEAD ON THE RADIATOR.

What on earth happened. I lost my ballance again she said.


I had a very nice email today. It  said that the lady was going to have some surgery and asked me to contact her solicitor where she would give me, wait for it. £128 million pounds. How  wonderful is that. What can I do  with that.

The thing is she doesnt know that I just arived off a Bannana Boat..

Maves head is a lot better  now. i said she was pissed,she said she wasnt.

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I have got to wait  until monday  to see if Ken Stands by his decision to  get Tracy out of his house. YES!. Come back Becky  all is forgiven.

Right got that off my chest,what `s next I ask.

A very quiet day today watched a load of boring  TV. Coach trip I must be desperate. A nasty spiteful program. Cant remember what else I watched. I think my eyes glazed over. Oh yes some cooking  thing.

I said it was a quiet day. I should have said a boring day. We took louis out but it was so  cold.. I am still on frozen peas and hot water bottle today.

I’ve prepared a board for  a new painting. The last one was no  challenge at all.

I’ve just taken louis out for his 2nd walk,it’s still cold and its clouding over .

After sitting  for ages today watching TV which I don’t  do normally I was struck with just how many Bad Stupid Rubbish Adverts there are. They seem to be made by infantile Retards.

I recon  the average 2-year-old could do better. I think we need a space on the web where we can put These adverts then  maybe the perpetrators  will wake up and If we Must have them at least make them decent. and keep the juvenile ones for the under 1 year olds who couldn’t  give a toss anyway. Facebook standby.

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This was one I did yesterday. Not one of my better ones .But its out of my system now. Next!

Yesterday was the best day  for almost a month with my back. I had doubts about the chiropractic clinic. But its working. I can’t expect the damaged nerves to mend instantly ,but there is light at the end of the tunnel.

We are off again early this morning to hospital again. As its only going to be a short visit I am taking Louis. I keep telling him dogs are not allowed so I am going to show him  he will be the only dog  there. Then maybe he will believe me.


traffic to  hospital was not bad,we got in early  and sorted quickly. On the way back it was a shopping trip getting   stuff in  for me for next week when  maves is on chemo again.

Mavis said Louis couldn’t come with us . probably best for him.

It’s a real nice day outside. had frost on windscreen  early on.

I am still on the frozen peas and hot water bottle kick. I am sure its ok. mavis says I am walking and standing much straighter than I have for ages.

I have another  session on Monday.

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How silly is that.

I forgot my yahoo password. As I keep it signed in I don’t need it often. Today!!! Please enter your password. Dahh,It don’t work.

Go through the system to reset password. OK We have sent you an email with your  new password.

But if I can’t open yahoo how the hell am I ging to  get to new password?

Its tough at the top aint it.

Well we are off early to hospital as mavis has her Kidney function test to determine if she can continue with chemo.


We got to the Nuclear Centre early to avoid traffic. It was pouring hard. Parked up and booked in. mavis was called in on time and was all piped up and joined me for a 5 hour wait . She is checked every 2 hours. We were bored stiff. We got chatting to a nice couple with similar problems ,as were  all the others in the room. We all had a tale to tell if we wanted.


We have to go back again tomorrow for more tests. But hopefully it will be a shorter visit.

It was quite cold in there and it was good to get in the car and put the heater on. But we joined the traffic which was grid locked as usual. The roundabout  was chaotic, there was a white BMW  sports car criss crossing  lanes causing  havoc. Why can’t people just wait  their turn, we all move eventually.

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A thoughtful Day

As you go through life you collect a lot of things.

In the main they are material things.

Some of high value some not so high. Some we work hard for ,some we win.

Some things we are not aware of. We loose things along the way,we give things away. We put things aside for later. Some we hang on the wall of life as trophy’s.

But when you are given the love of a wonderful person. That gift is of more value than all the money in the world,worth all of a lifetimes possessions. It has more value than anything you have ever had.

When I received that gift of love from Mavis over 55 years ago. I didn’t take it lightly. I knew it was special. But just how priceless it was I had no idea.

Today there is not enough of anything in the world that could replace it.

I am privileged to have received it and I have guarded it well.

I wear it on my heart ,it’s not always visible to others,but I know it’s there.


I am home from my 2nd visit to the wait for it! Chiropractic, Yes got it right this time. It was another  breaking  session. When we heard that Loud crack AH! that’s what we were looking for he said. But wow it made me jump.

I’ve got  to go again on Monday. But its a lot easier now than it was.

I’ve started my new painting today.