Things are Looking up

When I climbed carefully into bed last night. My back was really troublesome. My session earlier  was giving me jip. But Ive got up  today and it seems a lot better. My chiropractic man likes to hear my back crack. He pulls it twists it kneeds it until he hears me Grunt and the loudContinue reading “Things are Looking up”

Chemo for Mave Chiropractic for me.

Its an early morning got to be at Hospital  for 8 am start. Then Home for a couple of hours then Off to Chiropractic for me. Although  my backs not 100% I can feel  that I can do things I  wasnt able to do  before. But I still give it a lot of respect. IveContinue reading “Chemo for Mave Chiropractic for me.”

Million Bonus for pensioners

A rough calculation today is ,it would take a pensioner about 100 years to earn that much. I think paying the RBS that much is obscene. After all its our money they play with,and as the taxpayer owns half of it why dont we get a say  at their shareholders meeting in April. Now onContinue reading “Million Bonus for pensioners”

How silly is that.

I forgot my yahoo password. As I keep it signed in I don’t need it often. Today!!! Please enter your password. Dahh,It don’t work. Go through the system to reset password. OK We have sent you an email with your  new password. But if I can’t open yahoo how the hell am I ging to Continue reading “How silly is that.”

Fresh day

I keep calling the chiropractic clinic the chiropodist. I don’t know my back  from my feet. Sorry. Will I have a pain-free day. I noticed my wallet  felt the pain. We have to go  to the clinic for Mavis  very early this morning for her injection ready for her chemo. I thought my printer wasContinue reading “Fresh day”

Mentioned in dispatches

I had a nice e/m today from Emma. Thanking mavis for her book. She was writing a Thesis for her degree and contacted Mave some time ago, She has now completed  it and said that mavis is referenced in  the thesis. I was unable to help  further on  asbestos victims from my past association withContinue reading “Mentioned in dispatches”

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