Its a really nice bright day out there. Our walk  with Louis was Ok. But i am surprised that Mavis is still tired after a short walk. So much different from  a few months ago. This chemo has certainly taken its toll. I am used to her  stepping out and fit. But  I hope that when this chemo  is over she can get back to her old self again.

It does concern me. She is also worried about her kidney. The test results have shown that it was 60% but  the last test shows its 40%. We knew  chemo  would be a problem for her. But that’s almost a 50% drop  since last time. This needs to be discussed when we see the oncologist next. Because this could have a major impact on future chemo treatment.

I keep telling her  its OK as she can pee for England but I am not the Doc.

Well we are ready for the trip tomorrow. Suits all ready shirts ironed. Shoes cleaned. Overcoat  out in case its cold. Because it’s a no T shirts and  Trainers day. Smart dress is the order of the day.

I’ve charged all my camera batteries and my gadget bag is packed with  cameras and batteries,tripod. Sd cards all just in case!.

I wont  be doing  an early posting  because we need to be out of here about half past 6  .

.tomorrow morning to catch an early train to London. So Louis will be up and out about 6 am. That will confuse him.

I had Autoglass out today  for  a couple of  chips in my windscreen. The guy  walked over and looked at  it. Where are they he said. Ah! thats one I pointed to. Is that the biggest he said. Yes it is. The other one or 2 are smaller. I seem to have caught a shower of stones.

Ok  the good news is. Its too small for me to  repair. Its just  grazed the surface. And its not in the field of view. Its quite safe at the moment.  If I attempt to repair that it could shatter the screen. Just keep an eye on it. If it gets any bigger call us. But that could last for years yet. The other one is is even smaller. So  that was that. Another job jobbed.

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