What a Day

Well we did it. After  weeks of will we wont we. Can we can’t we. It  finally Happened. Here is Mavis about to board The Orient express. Chatting up the Steward already.

It  was a fantastic Day. There is nothing  that I could criticise. We were treated like lord and lady muck all day. The service was excellent. Any doubts I had about what it cost and value for money went out the window the moment we arrived at Victoria. The picture on mavis face was amazing. She was beaming ear to ear. And as soon as we boarded and were seated individually by your Steward she was at home. happy and laughing. She even laughed at my Jokes Now that’s a first for years. She enjoyed the great food the people just about every thing. I am so  so pleased it went well for her.

Our only down side is its back to Chemo in the morning. But she can sit in  the chair and has lovely memories of the day to look back on.

If you  would like to see the photos, click  the link.  photos of  Orient Express

I apologise for the quality of some of them,its a bit  awkward in a rocking train to get them all sharp., enjoy.

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