On the Merry Go Round

Set the alarm for 5 am,but Mavis was up at 4 am. Ready for the early appointment at the hospital.  Walking Louis at 6.30 am Poor little sod.

On the road at just after 7 am. Arrive at the hospital  around 7.45. mavis was a little late being called. But  it was soon underway. I stayed with her untill she was all plumbed in and set up. I said Ok  now your set I am of home. So I  will get back to her around 5 pm .she should be done about 6 pm. It’s a long  day for her.

Ive come home, done all the house work. Nothing much to do  now, except to take louis  for his walk.


Anybody else  getting  swamped in their email box with this Spin cash Trash. I get about 20 a day. as fast as I block them they change addresses. Its worse than penis enlargement and bloody Viagra crap. These people should be executed in the public square.


I left at  3.30  to ge  and collect Mavis. When I arrived she said Oh dear  we are running late I have over 2 more hours yet. So I sat with her . When it was almost time a nurse came and asked her if she was ok. No not really she said I have this runny nose and blocked sinuses. Yes  the nurse said and stared at her  with a concerned look. Do you have a temperature. let me check. This might be a reaction to the chemo. Let me do a blood pressure. Hmm! its high she said mavis said it really hurt. So  she fetched another m/c this time a better reading ,a little high. But then she went  and phoned for a doctor. We could catch some of the conversation. She told us just to be safe she has called a doctor to have a look  at her. he did usual checks  and questioned her. he prescribed 2 drugs to be fed into the line.

If we have any  further problems we must call an ambulance. Oh dear I am getting a bit scary now.

We finally left at 6.30 pm and got back home just before 7 pm thats almost a  12 hour day. She has had a bit of dinner now but is looking so  tired.

I hope a good nights rest will see an improvement by morning.

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