A new day

After a long and tiring day  for her yesterday. and the worry of a reaction to  the chemo. She looks a lot better  this morning. She was up early. But has now gone back to bed exhausted . She needs a good rest.

We had a call from the Local Paper today they want to  interview her  for an article on Meso. The young lady  interviewed me this morning to get  a rough  idea of my side. But it was only briefly.

She will ring back  later  when mavis is up and feeling a bit better.

I’ve been sending photos to them which they asked for of mavis.

I’ve updated my diary  with all the changed appointments so that’s done. We end up with so many it’s hard to keep track of them all. I am off to  the ophthalmic clinic on Wednesday to see if I get a new pair of eyeballs ( only joking ) to get results of last weeks tests. Then Friday its hospital  for scans  for mavis.


Well the phone rang  at 2 as arranged it was the local paper . Yes mavis is  ready  to talk to you. Poor luv she got up and toddled unsteady in here  to take the call.  But  the chat between them went well. She did ask a lot of questions after  which  when  we discussed it we said some of that  is not for publication. So I  contacted  the reporter and said certain  parts of your chat  today are personal and Not for publication for instance…. she said i fully understand  and of course I will respect your privacy. She thanked us for the time we took to talk to her.

mavis went back to bed she watched a bit  of telly but it wasnt long before she fell asleep.

We have sorted what she fancied for tea so I’ve got that ready to cook later.


Amazing I popped in to see if mave was awake,Yes watching The Chase. She said Louis needs a wee. So  lead on coat on and off we went me and louis that is. ,today was different instead of his quick  walk   to his spot and  tugging to gethome again ,he sniffed about a bit  and  made no attempt to go home so I tried  a longer walk, yes he was up for it. So we managed a walk right round the Park,.

He was happy to do it without me draging him. When  we got back he beelind for  the bedroom and up on the bed to check on his mummy. Who  is awake and looking  100% better. Will she stay like this or like last time went down hill for 10 days before pulling out of it.

Watch this space.

I wonder how many  will notice the slight change to  this blog???.

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