Nice to be home

looking at the pics being put on mhf for the weekend we must have been mental to  stay on site. If it wasnt for the company I think  we would have left.

I’ve been busy today. I had a nice lay in till 9 am . M

First I wanted to sort my status aerial. It’s not worked for almost a year. We have relied on the sat. But thats a bit battery hungry. But first to get at the cables I had to empty out  a cupboard then unscrew a shelf. With that done. It was soon evident what  my problem was. A broken Ariel lead. I  soon repaired it with a new end. Plugged it in put the tv on retuned it. Whalla! 13 Analogue and 89 Digital Channels. All working  perfect with little drain on battery.

Next my heath Robinson setup for my reversing camera. The small battery-powered by solar was flat. So I whipped that indoors re charged it .fitted it back and now I can see behind me again.

Next The habitation lock has played up for ages. So I set to and sorted that as well.So Now I have all the jobs done. A final  sweep out and take in doors the mats for a wash and the van is ready for its next outing.

Next it was a nice day mavis was feeling good so off to Tankerton with louis for a run. Him not me. Then off to Tesco shopping.

Now I am back indoors again. Whos been a busy boy then.


maves blog

Home again

Its been an event full 5 days. We left for St Neots last Wednesday,stayed for one night before going on to the Peterboro Show.  As we approached the showground we passed notices saying all unbooked vans will not be admitted. Hmm! that’s a bad omen. On arrival  around 10 am it was heavy black  cloud. Really ominous. But  we were directed to  our area and warmly greeted by  the marshalls all our friends. Great we were happy to be here. We parked up a bit nervous because the ground was soggy. But we are here and that’s it.

We did manage to get round the  stalls on 2 days Mavis bought a pair of wellies but  found they were too small. Wasted £10. I bought another pair of crocs  but they were tooo big. But I got them changed. Both Mavis and me and poor ole louis got well and truly soaked on several  occasions. But it was a laugh. We spent the evening up the big club room for an evenings entertainment and a pint. back home to bed. But It  blew a gale and poured hard all night. We were buffeted back and forth.

When we got up we looked out the window to see several vans had been pulled out and gone. We decided that it was best if we did the same. So amidst teaming rain we packed away and walked louis. I decided to  try to drive off the  park  without help. So  First a reverse off the mats a gentle first gear and roll forward. KEEP GOING Mavis was shouting. we crept closer and closer to the road yes I am going to make it. Wow then I had to stop as I braked i was a foot from getting onto the road but now I am stuck in the mud. But help was at hand  a friendly face at the window gleefully  shouted 12 more inches and you would have done it,but I was embedded in the mud. But at that moment along came the tractor who had been busy . He backed onto me hooked me up gave me simple instructions and gently pulled me that last few feet onto the road. Mavis walked back to pick up the mats we had parked on but she got soaked in about 2 mins flat. It was teaming down driven by a fierce wind. But now with her back on board me safely on the road and window down for some hurried last goodbyes we set of at 10 am for home. It was mostly  a wet heavy rain and wind all the way home. But just to tease us  as we pulled onto the Thanet way the bloody sun was out as if to welcome us home. looking out the window its a lovely day. Ah! well we’ve had fun.

My new sim was on the mat with that in the phone and working without a hitch. i am all set  up again.

I handed over the Painting to Rayc and Lesley. They were pleased with  the result which was good. Dennis said you can do one for me now. So that looks like my next challenge.

Mavis has done remarkably well. She did look tired  it was a strain for her,but she did manage a few dances so she was happy. I was pleased to watch her laughing with her mates. That was a tonic to me.

But our true thanks and gratitude go  without fail to the Volunteers Who marshalled. They have had the most  horrendous weather conditions and worked their socks off ALL WEEKEND Bless em! They deserve a Medal. Thanks Guys we couldnt have done it without you.


Maves blog

Wet friday

Well we got here yesterday. It’s great to meet all our friends again. I handed over my painting to. Lesley and Ray I am pleased they loved it.
E had walk round the stalls this morning,but not a lot here and it was wet and cold.She was glad to get back to the van for hot coffee and a warm. We both dropped off in the warm.
We will probably go home late tomorrow. It looks like we will have to be towed off as its berry soggy underfoot.
More news tomorrow.


After a quick early  visit to the Doctor with Mavis for a new prescription,we headed back to the pharmacy but it wasnt open yet. So back again later.

Its wet windy and cold . We have a rally at the weekend we must be mad.

Today I must get my new sim card and soon to say

bye bye vodaphone, off you go to another home

your too damn expensive just for me.

So I’ve moved to networks 3,


Its late afternoon now, the district nurse has been and sorted mavis for another week.

It’s now  time to check we have everything  ready for tomorrow.


maves blog


After a couple of days trying with replies going back and forth. I finaly got my pac code last night at 9 pm. Now They say I am a valued customer. I bet I am over £20  in a week on a few emails. I know where my value lay and its  not with them.

I know I have been boring  going on about the new phone and my provider.

But  as in the past  I never bothered much  with  the phone. It was on mainly  for my  son to contact me. He used to say Why dont you  switch  the bloody thing on. So payg  for just calls was fine. I had my laptop  when away from home. Then along came the ipad. Now an almost new laptop gets  pushed back to  a standby. As I take the Ipad everywhere. But now along came the iphone. It does everything  well almost that the ipad does. Only it goes in your pocket and not under your arm or in a carrybag.

What I was ignorant of was the high cost of mobile internet on a phone. So PAYG is to expensive. Now its a contract to save money.

We took a trip to the re cycle park today. Mavis had black sacks full of clothes and shoes. We had a job  putting them all in the bins . It was pouring  with rain, but we had a laugh, she said if  we dont do this now, I will only end up putting it all back again. So!! Now its all gone.

Louis didnt get much of a walk as it was blowing  a gale and wet. He doesnt like that. Nor do we.

I watched a bit of telly while mavis was talking to  all these people who want to do articles on her and talk to her and raise her questions in the house.

Do you mind me talking to all these people? Of course not. Why should I?.

The weather isnt set to improve much is it. So  wellies and macs is the order of the day.


Maves blog


Both mave and I have been on a Clear out day. I’ve been sorting all the things that I put in a drawer for later and on my shelves to keep. I’ve almost filled a black sack with power supplies leads connectors plugs and so much other  junk. It’s now consigned to the shed. You know what happens to stuff in the shed.

Mave has been doing the same but hers is clothes and shoes. I was surprised at just how many pairs of shoes I had. But tomorrow we are off to the recycle bins. I’ve got shoes I have never worn how bad is that.

Louis had better keep a low-key  while we are recycling. He might just  fall in if he is naughty. ( Not really  we love him to much )

I down loaded a decent app  today it tells me my phone and data usage and it was free.

We had earlier  a bad hale stone shower. A bit of thunder and a heavy down pour. The noise was bad. I half expected to see the car dented.

Maves Blog


At 10.30  this morning I was looking at these Clouds. I couldn’t resist a shot.

I said to Mave last night  Hey  they are all taking the Micky out of me over my haircut. She said yes they think its funny. I said what did I say that was funny.

I havent read it she said. So I went back to read it. I was smiling, I said Yes I can see why they are  laughing. Listen to this . I started reading it to her. But before I finished we were both in hysterics.  It made me laugh and I wrote it. Oh dear i must get out more.



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