Hospice Day

Well we went to it. It was much what I expected. But at the end of the day, we both felt  we were not ready  for it yet. We havent dismissed it but we are not  rushing either. They want to see us in a monthly. What for???

My chiro  today was fine. How you been he asked ,fine I said.  Soon we were into the wrestling  bit but this time he could not make it crack. I said how does it look. Fine he said its doing nicely. So  see you in 4 weeks Ok.

Then a little bit of shopping for nibbles for the weekend. I might do a bit more sketching because I don’t have time to paint it.

I had all my art stuff out  yesterday looking for one that Mavis has promised to  her friend but couldn’t find it.

So once again  today I  searched hard for it, but I can’t find it. Now that’s odd because I know where most of my paintings go and I was sure this one was still here.

So when  we get back it will give me something to paint. I roughly  drew it last night .

Its turned out warm again I hope it lasts,

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I was down in the van early finishing off my  job. I now have a 12 v switchable supple to my reversing camera. All sorted.

After the wasted docs visit yesterday I had a long chat with Des, who explained just what  the score is with warfarin.

We were under the impression that OK  you can go on Warfarin now was simply get  the pills take one a day all sorted. But Its not that simple. Now we understand, it would have been helpful if it had been explained at the hospital,it would have saved the agro yesterday.

But it’s another day not so warm and sunny outside. But its warm and sunny  here with my own ray of sunshine.

Not a lotto do  today now. No appointments until tomorrow.

So sorry to hear Norman is not so good. The virus cough was not pleasant and I still have the remnants of mine. But on top of meso not good.  I was just glad mave didn’t catch it. When on a recent rally  everyone was either  just over it , or coughing  with it. I said Oh  don’t worry I never get colds, but on the return  on monday  I  had caught it. It’s about 3 weeks now so it doesn’t rush itself off.

Mavis promised to give one of my paintings away , But I  can’t find it. So  now I have to paint it again, but it wont be ready  in time.

maves blog


Up early because Louis has his hair done.

8.30 phone went hello its time for louis. Well I walked him  down the few yards to the car park Fine but as soon as he saw the mobile unit he stopped dead dug his heels in and pulled backwards. he pulled right out of his harness and I had to pounce on him and pick him up. She said just push him inside. he refused to go in. Eventually  I did it. But he stood on his back legs and was pawing the wire cage door . When the phone went  later . Hello Louis is all done.

I  went to get him but he was at the end of his 10 foot lead clawing his way back to meet me. He was happy to be back. But he has had his shampoo , nails cut and a nice but  rather short hair cut. So he will be cooler in this heat.

We lounged about  later, but mavis worked hard in the garden. I went down the van  to work. I have nearly done it. A couple of hours  tomorrow should do it.

We went to the Doctors . Mavis came out  fuming. Whats up Luv I asked. DONT ask she said. But walking back to the car  she explained why she was angry.  You can read it on her blog better than I can say it.

On our walk round with louis we met our friend Marie so we stopped and chatted ,putting the world to rights. After we parted I got told off . Mave said your  getting like my mother , you  don’t have to  go into  such detail. You will bore people.

So I take her point.

maves blog

Sunny Sunday

I needed to go to B and Q so  off we went with louis. It was a nightmare getting into town its full of visitors. The carpark  was full. but I found a space. Mavis said I will walk louis because its too hot to leave him in the car. I walked into  B and Q, stopped dead all I could see was 3 giant ques at the checkout. Barrow loads  of plants and fertilizer and fence panels.

I turned straight round and left. Mavis was surprised to see me. So we walked around an area we hadnt been to before. On the way back Mavis said why not try again, so I did. It was better now most of the earlier rush had  gone. I got my bits and late this afternoon I have done half  my job. Tomorrow all being well I will do the rest.

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Sunny Saturday

I have been making a brkt for a switch for my reversing camera. So Off I went to  my van with  a nice length of cable. But  the cable was to short, so its back to the drawing board.

Mavis has been spring cleaning again, I think its cream crackered her. As now she is sitting in the back garden in this lovely sunshine. That will do her  good.

She is disappointed that we didn’t go away  this weekend, but  we that is , I cant do it  every weekend.

She is going to watch euro song  thingy. I said  Not me  I will pour some white paint on a brick and sit and watch it dry. It might take hours but more entertaining.

I said we could win this year because who wins pays for next year and no one can afford  to do it. So Nil Pour might not be on the cards afterall.

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Friday again.

Whilst I was having my first cup of tea and still half asleep, Mavis said are we going to  sort the decorating  in front room today. Oh  Er! Yes Ill  start  later.

Wham bang thank you mam she is opening  tins of paint and stuck in already.  Eventually I  got myself together and wandered in to see what she was up to.

Fatal !  Its not going right is it. Here she said handing me the brush ! So thats how I ended up decorating all day its 7 :15 and Ive just cleared away. We did get a break when we had to go shopping for bunting. It was a good point  to let stuff dry before next step.

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Xray Results

We were up early,  well at least I was ,Mavis is always up early.

It was a shop day at Lidls.

Today I got  my results. No abnormalities chest clear , no further action required. Hm! It doesn’t explain why I have coughed for over a year ???.

mavis has been refered to the Hospice, Now that concerns me. First a call from the Doctor to say He has been advised that she is not having more chemo.

Then a call  from the hospice to make an  appointment . I said to mave what does this all mean. Has Oncology  given up on you now.

But it’s because of   the last lot and the damage it has done. I don’t think it means no more treatment. It’s a wait and see game now.

I will ask  the oncologist  when we next see her.

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