Sunny Saturday

I have been making a brkt for a switch for my reversing camera. So Off I went to  my van with  a nice length of cable. But  the cable was to short, so its back to the drawing board. Mavis has been spring cleaning again, I think its cream crackered her. As now she isContinue reading “Sunny Saturday”

Friday again.

Whilst I was having my first cup of tea and still half asleep, Mavis said are we going to  sort the decorating  in front room today. Oh  Er! Yes Ill  start  later. Wham bang thank you mam she is opening  tins of paint and stuck in already.  Eventually I  got myself together and wandered inContinue reading “Friday again.”

Xray Results

We were up early,  well at least I was ,Mavis is always up early. It was a shop day at Lidls. Today I got  my results. No abnormalities chest clear , no further action required. Hm! It doesn’t explain why I have coughed for over a year ???. mavis has been refered to the Hospice,Continue reading “Xray Results”

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