Sunny Saturday

Took nice walk into rye. Toured the shops. Quite busy,weather makes all the difference. Bought strawberries,fudge.and some old fashioned sweets in the old sweetshop.
Had a coffee and a bun before walking back to the rugby club for a rest .
We sat outside in the sun chatting with friends. There is a cricket match being played in front of the van.allvery quaint. There is fair on the green just up the road.
We’ve had tea and eaten the strawberries dipped in chocolate. Louis has made friends with Sonjas little dog now they were off lead in the field this morning. Mavis did really well she walked into rye a bit slow but after a couple of rests she made it.
It’s ttfn from me

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Frantic Friday

Well when i switched off lastnight .I noticed that it took longer  than usual. But I have noticed odd things its running slow things not loading.

I turned it on this morning .Panic. Long boot time blue screen for ages. Then Starting windows then freezeing. I  tried restore no go. I tried this several times no go. In desperation I dug out the recovery disks I made when bought it. Nothing.

Everything I tried nothing. I couldnt even get it to open my small hard drive that holds my backup.

I started it in Safemode and could see that it had just downloaded a Critical Update which I didnt ask for as this happened last time I had this problem. So  disconnect  everything and in the car. In my  local pc shop I explained my problem. Hm! sounds like a virus he said. But I did a virus check yesterday nothing found.

Sometimes these critical updates ARE the virus and not genuine MS Updates. So I have to leave it there for a thats £40 Before I start.

This is being done on my laptop. As we are away later I may not  update again until we return.

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Last night being bored I searched Google for an old campsite.

This picture  shows a nice  green area outside  Wormwood scrubs Prison.

Back in 1958 That green grass was Gunsite Army Camp. Part of our duty  there was Guard duty. We were told that when we were on patrol pay Extra attention to the prison walls, which was also our camp wall. Because it was over this wall  prisoners make their escape. We laughed because  walking under that wall which was about 30 – 40 feet high. It seemed escape was not an option.

I remember one night I was on guard duty on Main gate. It was my first time on the gate. I was to  book  vehicles in and out. After about an hour it was getting dark  and I couldn’t see the clipboard. and inside the  guard box was a switch. Ha! that’s a light switch . I pressed it.

ALL Hell broke out. I could hear the guard commander  shouting call out the guard. A siren was screaming. Lights came on along the perimeter. suddenly I was surrounded by the rest of the guard duty. I was being screamed at by the Orderly Officer. Whats the situation soldier? he was shouting at me. I don’t know I  stammered. But you  sounded the alarm is there an escape underway?.. After a few minutes it was stand down and i was hauled away. My only excuse was there was no warning in the sentry box that  the switch was an alarm call. Also there was no light  in it either. it seemed someone listened because I got no further  action and later  a warning  plate in red was inserted and yes a light was installed.


Later on I am off to  my Chiro practic

OK back from chiro now. What a difference. It’s not perfect but it is easier. Got  appointment for next week just to keep an eye on it.

Trying to  add some new appointments to my diary I realised that with all mavis`s appointments my appointments rallies ,things todo the list was enormous. So I have now broken  this lot down into separate diaries. I must see how it works now…

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Walked into the bathroom this morning half asleep ,like you do. The noise from the auto extract fan seemed extra loud. So after breakfast I decided to investigate. I  had to remove curtains and things to get at it. I was surprised at the dust inside it. But the noise problem was  because it had come off its mount.

Right tool box out and after I dismantled and cleaned and reset the motor. Hoovered out the dust and fluff. Time to  put it all back. Testing time. Ha! silent running.

Another job jobbed.

WE eventually took louis out and when I got back I was bored ,thinking wha can I do now. I know. The small swivel table  in the van is a bit tight, so I decided to sort that out. So now that’s 2 jobs jobbed.

It’s so hot today I really dont want to do anymore.

maves blog

Terry  Thats my boy.


Lazy Day recuperating after the weekend. I dont have any projects to do  in the van yippee!

A slow  walk round with Louis in the  sunshine. Its bloody blue skies and no wind. Cant believe the difference  from the weekend. But  stop moaning ray.

Added a couple of apps to my phone. I looked at ciri on  my 3gs. But It needs jail breaking and I am not keen on that. I dropped off  after lunch , but Louis had other ideas,bark bark bark. So  no shut eye today. Ill wait till he drops off then kick him. ( Only Joking ) bless him.


What a weekend!. Wind that’s the weather not Mavis. Rain, Sun Blue skies Black clouds.

But it was fun.Louis has had a load of runs in lovely open spaces. A bit hairy though because apparently 2 weeks ago the bomb disposal team were digging up  old ammunition and blowing it up . The  site is covered in little round cutouts where they were detecting. But  hey ho  no bangs.

Really pleased with the new Led Lights. What a difference its made.

next project???

We are already planning next weekend. Only down side is that Our Lovely Des and Sue have now moved.  We just wish them well. They will be missed.