Got it Right today ,Its Tuesday

Most of the time I don’t know what time of day it is, yesterday I didn’t even know what Day it was. But I’m on it today.

Up and out early  for a double blood test. One for my Diabetes and one for this myeloma thingy.

Then Off to Sturry  for a bit of shopping . I needed some paint from the range. Then Off to the farm shop for fresh veg and fruit. A walk for louis and back for lunch.

Then A call from my Doctor. The first test results are in from my urine test. Not great news, he said I have protein   present. He said he would like me to come to surgery   today and give another urine sample to  confirm  the protein presence. So  that’s been done now. Watch this space.

Ive been experimenting with a new website one that  specifically uses Flash . I lee see how I can utilise that.

HMMM!!! I’ve just caught a  whiff of herbs wafting into the den. Mavis is cooking something  nice. I still havent changed my guitar strings. Been a bit  tied up.

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Its Monday

I got a couple of Jobs out the way. First was to replace the trigger Spray on the hose as mavis broke the other one. As usual the fittings I bought didnt fit.  So a bit of improvising needed. After  I raided my tool box I found half of what I wanted. But with a bit here and there it was soon sorted.

Next was a job I was not keen to tackle. It was to replace the tap under sink ,which feeds the outside hose.  First it was would my back take the strain of bending  under the shelf?.

Next would the new fitting  replace the old one? it was the type that when  fitted into position you have to screw it in to cut a hole in the feed pipe. Would I be able to line it up?.

I found the new one was slightly larger in diameter. Now If I  screw it in wrong it means I will have 2 holes  overlapping and the fitting  will leak. If that happens it means a new pipe. On a Sunday who will come out and do that? No One. We can’t be without water untill monday can we. But after a nerve-racking 10 mins the old one was off and the new installed , screwed in place and the hose fitted. Water  on!!!!!. YES! it is working and its dry. But I am always worried about late leaks so I must keep an eye on it for a couple of days untill I am happy.

Next little job is to re string my guitar. I’ve had the strings a couple of days but havent got round to it yet.

Mavis has worked really hard in the garden and it looks  nice and tidy again.

We took louis for his walk and I checked the tap ,it’s still dry. But I noticed  we had an overflow drip outside coming from the toilet. I took the lid of the cistern and the level was far to high. We had all new fittings in it recently and it just needed a tweak so I did that..

Tomorrow I have to get to the surgery early  to have blood tests. One for  my Diabetes and the other  for my back. I am hopeful that his preconceptions of Myeloma are way out and it’s just a case of old age and arthritis. When he has the results in he will sort out  some acupuncture for me. Im not sure about needles stuck in me the set alight to them is great. But its got o be better than a screwed up back.

I found one of my google site web pages has been suspended due to an infringement of TAC. What I’ve done wrong I don’t know. But I have sent an appeal form. Watch this space.

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I  was up  around 5.30 and came to sleep on the settee.  I couldn’t sleep. I was having a bad dream and I remember waking up startled and kicked Louis off the bed.

I just fiddled about doing this and that. I took louis for his walk.We decided to try the new shredder,so we cleared all the cuttings mavis did yesterday. It works well.

After lunch  I was shattered The pills just send me to sleep. I was tired and fighting to stay awake , mavis said she wanted to go to the farm shop. But I wasnt keen. Louis was running about barking at anything,  I need some potatoes she said. Ok so we take him on another walk and I’ll get spuds  in the shop. On the way round I said what else did you want in the shop. Nothing she said ,I wanted fruit but you don’t want to go. OK we will put louis in doors and go. Where to , Brogdales. OK when we got there the fresh fruit and veg shop had changed ,it next o nothing in it. Bit of a waste  this I said. Come on we will go  somewhere else so we walked out. We ended up  in Sainsburys because next door is B and Q and I needed some bits.

When we got back I fought to stay awake .

Mave has been busy  , I experimented  with  those Ambi Pur in-car smellys. Did you know you can refill them. Well you can so I have done one just to see if it works and it does. So I’ll not be buying  a new one. I have knocked up a pair of cigarette lighter sockets on a wander lead so I can plug them in the van as extra 12 v skts. They never seem to give you enough skts in the motor home albeit 12 or 240 v.

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I saw the doctor at 8.30. HMM! Not sure what to make of it now. He was surprised at how stiff my back is. After several questions and an examination, he said would I consider acupuncture as a first step. Ill try anything I said. Next he wants a water sample which I gave. He gave me some  pills.

Now this afternoon I am off to the mini hospital for a spinal x-ray.

He said I have advanced arthritic back.

I read on the bottom of the form that I have symptoms of Myeloma and Malignancy.  So I looked it up on google. Wish I hadn’t now. One person in the family with serious problems is enough.

But we did have a laugh ,I said when people who worked for me phoned up  and said they can’t come in today because of a bad back. I used to say skiveing sods. But now the shoes on the other foot  I understand. He thought that was funny.


Mavis, Louis and I walked up to the hospital for my x-ray appointment.. It’s uphill all the way but  it was a nice day. When we got back shattered Mavis made a big milkshake with Ice cream and banana flavour. She made so much we had 2 big glasses and shared what was left with Louis he lapped it up.

I am at that itchy stage with my sunburn loads of cream on if you squeeze me I would pop up in the air whoosh!.

I had a very nice Card from the lady whose phone I found in Stratford. The naughty girl enclosed a fiver for postage.

I need to get to B and Q for some more bits. But not today.

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I was up early this morning,well 6.30 thats early for me. My back is playing up . After  checking my e/ms and FB a bit of breakfast and 2 cups of tea later. I decided to phone for an appointment. So sorry I have nothing available left today. OK what about tomorrow. So sorry we are  fully booked tomorrow.  Would you like to see the minor ailments nurse>.

No thanks I’ll try on Monday.

Then mavis said why not try the nurse. So I rang back and explained if I see the nurse can she prescribe painkillers for my back. MM! maybe she said. Hold on a moment.

Hello would you like the doctor to speak to you over the phone, well yes that would help,so  she said he will call me back later.

When he phone and asked me  how he could help I explained that I was in trouble and find it painful to move. That I had attended a chiropractic clinic regularly since January , but  i need something more. He said I want to see you. If you ring back in half an hour  you will get an appointment.

30 mins later I phoned again and was given a choice of 4 appointment times in the morning. Amazing!!

Apart from a walk with louis and a bit of painting I have had a restful day trying not to aggravate it.


Ive assembled and tested the garden shredder. As usual the instructions were in Martian Dialogue. They included an allen key but for what I cant see?? Any offers for an unused Allen key.( Joking )

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Conference Day

Funny ole day today.  Up early and off to East Malling for a days user participation.

Not quite what I expected. But It was cool inside and a nice  lunch break.

For me today thats about it.

Now I have gotten over the day ,sitting all day didnt do my back a lot of good. But Ive settled back now  had my tea and a nice cup a tea.

I did come away with an insight into  whats what today, But  there was a lot  going on.

Mavis says she got  something out of the day so it must be good.

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How many of us are slow to take a bargain when it’s offered. I was offered an Ipad 3 which was less than 2 months old cost £600 offered for £270, You know they say if it sounds to good to be true …..

mave and I discussed should I , do I need it as I have already an Ipad 1 , an Iphone . 2 Laptops and a notebook. Anyway still undecided I phoned my friend back. Oh well problem solved its been sold. So someone got a bargain,but it wasnt me..

Not sure whats on today?.

I know  now. I been in van again repairing a broken shelf. It’s only a temp repair as its tooo hot in van.

We popped round to B and Q as mavis wanted a shredder.Will this be another gadget that gets put away and forgotten about.

All ready for conference centre tomorrow.

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