Hello from westernhanger the old mining station. Pree beeching era.
Not done much. I did put the new Windblockers up. Must say design wise not impressed for £170. It stops the wind but I can see some Modifications coming on.
We had walk round to see the racecourse. So Sunday we may watch the. Horses. Tomorrow we will get a train to somewhere I’ll let you know tomorrow where.we tested the Windblockers it was warm inside. Even if it was fresh and breezy outside.
My new solar panel was blinking at me. Oh dear what’s up..
But it meant that batts were fully charged again.
Louis was frightened of a wasp in the van,so I killed it for him.I am his hero again.

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Dont it make you mad. I walked over the shop for a battery for the doorbell. I dodged the downpours. When i got back I found it was as flat as a pancake. Now If I take it back how do I prove I just bought it and didn’t  take my old one back . Cant can I.

How the weather has changed again its cold wet and windy. I’ve just taken louis for his mid walk in the rain Yuk.

Is it worth paying  for first class post when our post  doesnt arrive untill after 2 pm most days and never before 12 anyway. We used to get post  early  in the morning but like everything else today it’s all down the pan. Talk about the good old days. Yes they  were. The price we pay for technology isn’t always counted in pound shillings and pence.

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Had loads of problems with FTP today  my host helped with loads of e/ms but didn’t work.

Then for nothing I did it worked again. Computers I hate em!

Been to diabetic clinic they are pleased with me for a change so I must be doing something right.

I see Mavis is in the headlines again literally that is. Her article is in todays Daily mail.

late this afternoon my new windblocker panels arrived. So my outside awning has now been relegated to the shed. Shame its only been used about half-dozen times. But there is always something new on the horizon.

I just hope I will be as pleased with  the blocker. If not its down to peter (woofer).

Its been a  nice sunny day  warm with a breeze.

mave has only 8 more injections left. Well pleased. no more hiding from louis checking to see if he is in earshot before I give it to her. he will be pleased as well.


Just been finding places to put the new blocker in the van.  I didn’t expect such long poles. I bet when I fit it up first time I will find I can shorten them a bit. I hope so then they can stow in my outside locker.

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8.10  pm.

Mavis asked have you done a blog today. ERR! No I forgot.

I havent done much. Spent a couple of hours in the Garden using the shredder this morning. We shredded all the shrubs into our own bark. What was once a small grass section for Louis has now been covered in bark. Louis does not  we in the garden.

A short walk for him after was tiring.

I’ve been going through  ancient history  in youtube most of the day. I considered a website of my own where I could put  some articles. But  I recon  they can be found in youtube if you want to look for them.

Other than that its been a quiet day again.

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Saturday again

How time flies.

A bit wet today and windy. At least we got Louis out for a walk.( Sorry Dennis ). Ive been down loading  guitar Apps. So much rubbish on the web. Takes ages to find the right one. Still undecided about  SatNav. I think mavis last comment was dont waste your money. So I recon thats saved me trawling  the net.

As I speak the sun is out Yippee.

Really lazy day

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Strange day. After a 10 day break it feels a bit flat. I’ve been pottering, nothing serious. been shopping.

As its raining Louis will not budge. I had to drag him out and he pulled back all the way.

This evening I can’t even coax him  out the back door.

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