5 Days to go.

We have had a very nice weekend away. The weather has been kind to us. It  started to chill  just before we left and its got  colder now we are home.

It’s good to see old friends. i have had my leg pulled a lot over my beard. It’s the first time they have seen me with it. Mavis found it amusing that I did have a little bit to much of the liquid stuff Saturday Night. We had a nice walk into town but the return journey is all up hill. Very tiring.

They laid on a smashing cooked evening meal.

Mavis has been skypeing with  her american friend.

I am on countdown to guitar day. It is scheduled to arrive between 4th and 8th Oct. I can’t wait.

As far as my back goes. Its been fime all weekend. Except I did it again today. Its really no good me trying to lift  heavy things. I did  today and paid for it. Because the discomfort is all down  my leg. A good nights rest and it should be ok.

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Remembering Herbert Lom who Passed away Yesterday at 95.

This was a posted comment on my other blog it made me laugh

.Cruton wrote on 27 Sep 2012 9:23 PM

Thursday I am filled with admiration for your quick response on seeing the huge spider when faced with such a monster many would not be so quick in their reactions they would freeze.So whipping off your jumper which unfortunately took your glasses is a bit well a lot of a disaster really but in the face of such an attack what else could you have done.Im not quite sure how your hearing aid found its way to the bottom pardon the pun of your toilet but it does seem that you are now blind as well as deaf so I hope you had a spare hearing aid and pair of glasses.I hope you have some better and less eventful days in future big hug Cruton xxx
We are off shortly for another weekend rally so I may not write again till Sunday.


I spent a couple of days watching about half a dozen Guitars on eBay. Most of them were ending. One by One I watched the bids got to silly money.

But I wasnt bothered because this one has been my favourite all  the time. But  I didn’t think I  had a chance, it’s a Hohner and they are  quite popular models.

I put a bid on when it got dawn to 5 mins to draw out  other parties. Yep  it worked now it’s started to rise. I realised that its only down to the last few seconds that  the crafty ones leap in and take it. I missed the one before by  4 seconds and that beat me by £1.01 how sad. So  my strategy this time was to  pre search prices so I could make a sensible bid . I decided what I was prepared to pay and I bid that amount. I watched the bids rise steadily in the last few mins.

It got down to the last 50 seconds and I am getting excited  then I had the green arrow  “you are the current high bid.” 10 seconds   -9- 8-7-6-5 seconds left now I held my breath  this is where it can go so  wrong.   Yes another bid in , but it didn’t beat mine ,  one second left it must be mine,  it’s surely to late for more bids ?   , 4-3-2-1.  0 …… All over.

Now I was confused it said this item has ended. They put up  the winning price bid which was not mine. So oh dear was I not the winner?

I went back into the bidding pages  . This item has ended. Panic . …..and only then did I see it. Right at the top it said you are the winner please pay now.

I thought is it really me because it didn’t show my bid price. Will I end up paying for someone else. But No worries when I click on pay it came up with my  details.

So yes I am a happy bunny.  It’s the last bidders price they show then they take that out from my bid . All a bit confusing.

When I won it I  yelled  ” YES ” and Mavis said  YES what and looked across to my screen I said I’ve actually won it.

Oh, what did you want that for. What can I say. Boys and there Toys.


I told you about the hearing aid down the Toilet . Today another  disaster.

I was getting stuff out the back box on the van. As I walked round the back I walked into a really thick clingy Cobweb. I was pulling it out of my hair and off my face. It was like elastic. Out the corner of my eye I saw this big brown striped spider running along my shoulder. Panic.

So what did I do. I dropped every thing,  struggled to rip off my jumper.

What else came off. Yep you’ve guessed it. my glasses flew off but I was to busy looking for that spider in my hair? I just happened to stand on my glasses.

Now metaphorically speaking they too are down the pan ,I’ve broken them. I just can’t be trusted to do anything right.

Myeloma Medway


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Wet Wednesday

Another wet day Just got back from walking louis soaked again.

Just got a call from that spoof  scam. who say they are from microsoft  help team and want to  enter my computer remotely. I said Ok I will have to  go into the other room and turn it on then I put the phone down. They rang again Mavis picked it up and he said they are trying to help me.  She said no you are not we are tracing this call because it’s a scam he denied it but she hung up on him.

Mavis has just received an enormous  box of flowers from the mesowarrior Girls. bless em!

Wow I can’t believe the rain. One minute it’s not raining  next ts  absolutely  teeming.  Louis is whimpering to go out again. Open the door show him the rain. He is back behind me quicker than the rain fall.

It’s a bit boring  today. The only good thing is Mavis looks so much better. It’s as if she has a weight lifted. As indeed she has. I said to her You look really good today. I feel good she said. That I like.

A bit more info today on my Myeloma. Its asymptomatic or smouldering. In other words it’s not galloping away at the moment and is at the regular monitoring stage.

I did say  it was a boring day.

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Mavis is a lot happier today. Even after  the news yesterday she still came home in the doldrums. She said it’s not sunk in yet. Because she expected bad news. It’s as if she feels guilty  that  she did and some of her friends didn’t. I can go with that.

So  to cheer her up a bit I dragged her away from the computer and we went for a  ride to Herne Bay. It was a bright Sunny Morning. We  had no problems parking  right on the promenade. Normally I have to Park at the top of the hill and walk down But mavis said No not here go down further. It was like a ghost Town. We walked up into the high street. I could hear  her breathing. Are you ok. Do you want to turn back. No I am fine. We stood and looked at the windmills out to sea. How close they looked all lit in the Sun light. In the high st I  called into the Butchers. Can I help. Yes 400 Grams of Beef and 400 grams of turkey please.. Anything else Yes Ill take one of your Hot sausages.  When I watched him slicing it,  it was piling  higher and higher.  I was so concerned where i was going o put this lot seeing as he didn’t offer a carrier bag That I gave him a £20. Thats £13.86  when he gave me the change both my hands were full so I just held out a hand and he tipped the loose change into it. on the way out  the shop I slipped it in my pocket. mavis said you alright. Yes I said but  it was nearly £14. Yes I didn’t mean 400 grams I only wanted 100 grams. Oh well to late now. Then over the road fresh fruit. Victoria plumbs in large plastic bowls. Shall I. Yes she said. So  they put  them in a carrier bag now I can put the rest  of the meat in it to. As we walked away she was eating  one MMM¬ they are nice. Good shall I get another bowl. Yes why not. As I  walked back the girl was walking back and said got room for 1 more bowl. As I followed her in  ,put the 2nd bowl on the counter I said you need 2 bowls now. we all had a laugh.

On the way back to the car it started to rain heavy we could no longer see the windmills through the low cloud and rain. How quickly it all changes. I can see the car she said. Yes  at least we havent got to walk all the way up the hill. She said yes because if we had to i would hate you. I said yep your right again but I would still Love You. We laughed as we hurried to get in the car.

When i was hanging my wet coat up at home I found the loose change from the butchers. Whats up Mavis asked. ERR! I think the butcher gave me the wrong change. Oh dear how much short. No not short , out of the £20  i should have had about £6 or £7 but as I counted it there was just under £15. So as it was much to far to go back. I recon that was a result.

The down side was I didnt have my phone or my camera so I couldnt tkae photos for her blog.

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Good News Day

We had to go to Hospital to get Mavis`s scan results. This is always a stressful time. All the days that lead up to it are very worrying. Is it good news or not. Today we set off in a wet day,but as we got  in to Canterbury we wanted to  go park and ride and while there  call in to the clothes shop for  some bits. It  was by now absolutely throwing it down. We got soaked walking the few yards from the car to the shop. Then off to the Park and ride. Do you know I recon that the bus drivers wait untill you are halfway  along the bus then they shut the doors and leave that happened both going and coming. I got within touching distance of the door when whoosh it closed and off it went. I can print what I called him. As we walked into the reception a couple asked ,is it raining they laughed, because the rain was in our eyes running down our necks we were well and truly soaked. A 12.15 appointment resulted in seeing  oncologist at 1pm. Now having waited 3 weeks what is another 45 mins. Well its agony. Its like sitting on death row.

But today the wait was worth it, it was all smiles and welcomes when we saw her. Well your result is STABLE again.

It takes a while for it to sink in. It’s a great weight lifted off your shoulders. After that it was catch up time on which meeting  Mavis is at and if they will all meet up there.

Next it was back to the bus to get home again. To get out of this rain.

mavis has been talking to Jan. Who  sadly today has not received good news. We feel so helpless we feel for her and we can’t do anything to help . All we can do is send our  love . Mavis has offered advice on what she can do next, we just hope  she can get  the next stage of treatment and that it helps.

On hearing this I feel depressed, I wish  all the warriors could receive good news.

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I am practicing guitar Rifts. At least my fingers are  hardening up now . In about another year I might be playing something. I have all the chords for Chasing Cars but it doesn’t sound like chasing Cars. But I will not give in. I even tentatively looked at a better  guitar today. I did not realise when I got mine that it was only a student ( nice word for beginner )Mine is only a 3/4 size or junior .It doesn’t have that full sound even when I tune it.And the fretboard is smaller which makes it harder for  adult fingers to stop the strings. But we all have to start somewhere. I remember about 50 years ago my idol was Manita Diplatis. I thought one day that could be me. 50 years on Its obvious that’s never going to happen.

I think the garden solar saga is now settled they all seem to be ok now.

I’ve just taken louis for his early walk and its Raining. Summer Oh Summer where for art though. Why has thou forsaken me.  Oh shut up Raymond.


                                                                                                            A Sad day Yesterday

Went to get a DVD player. It poured with rain. Mavis said I will walk louis ,you go in and get one. When I came out  she was soaked and so was Louis. After  dinner I decided to set it up  for her. Crawled behind furniture to  get to skts ,turned it on  WOW! what a noise  the Hum was deafening. Try as I might  I couldn’t  lower it without  doing mute. Unplugged it all  tried it in the bedroom TV ,No probs. tried it on TV in the Den ,No probs. Back to  start. After juggling with  3 remotes that’s one on the tv sound right down Two remote on  humax volume down. Three remote on Player volume up at last it was all working at last.

Mavis started to use the exercises  she pressed  wrong button on remote  so I am back  to sort it.

Do you ever wish sometimes you never bought something. It boils down to compatibility.

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