Its Monday

A really  lazy day. i got up around 9 am. Still shattered. Even Mavis said she didn’t get up till 8 am. Now that is unusual. Although we didn’t exert ourselves yesterday  we were both  tired.

Anyway I had the window sill to sort. Having replaced it on friday before we went away. Today I had to sand it and undercoat it. It was a quick drying  coat so by lunch time it had 2 coats of undercoat. We decided to take louis to his favourite walk at tankerton then on to B & Q for me and Sainsbury for Mave. I need a sharp knife  so that I can trim the new carpet I fitted in the van at the weekend and Mavis wanted a few bits. As i went through checkout  the young girls said it will beep when you go out and laughed at me. I said OK I will beep back at it. Now those of you who remember  the story of my  hearing aid will understand. As i went through the exit i wasnt really conscious of  a beep. But  someone coming in the store was pointing at me and indicating  to someone behind me. Then a hand on my shoulder made me turn. Excuse me the woman on the till was becoming to me please come back in the store she said. NO its Ok I said she told me it would beep. But she was insistent I return and the hand on my shoulder said please come back inside. As i  walked back inside I looked along the row of tills and the young girls who served me was laughing. I said loudly and in a joking  way said See you got me into trouble. At this I was allowed to  leave with  just a sorry. Now technically was I assaulted by the mans hand on my shoulder as he was only a customer not staff?.

After all that I wandered into Sainsburys to find Mavis and pay for her bits. Then off home By now my paint was dry. So it was time for a top coat. That was a 2-4 hr drying time. Because it was warm inside I managed to get 2 top coats on it. It’s now nice and dry. So perhaps after tea I will mastic the frame. Job done. Next!!. Oh yes the carpet. But that’s not today.

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Published by Raymond

I paint when I get time. Write poetry when the mood takes me. Always been interested in Photography. Having just bought a new camera I thought Id start again with a decent one.This is an oportunity to put my work on display.

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