Just sitting around waiting for  2.30 when I  leave to go to the dentist for 2 extractions. No the best of experiences . But  I must concentrate on how much I will save when I switch after the extraction. We will be going away  at the weekend so I hope by the time I get home on Sunday  the gum will be fit enough  for  an impression. I am surprised that  he will see me so soon after the extractions . But he said new teeth in about a week.

Whats your best score on spider solitaire. I cannot get below 94 frustrating. Only an hour and a quarter before Dentist!!!! Yuk


Back from Dentist now. Sitting in waiting room is bad enough but when they are running 15 mins late Oh Boy do the nerves kick in. At last I am in the chair. hello OK lets have a look. Hum! Right we will start with an anesthetic . The needle seems to come out the back of your head. % lots of that but  each one less painful it works quickly. OK sit back for a few mins.

OK How does it feel now ?. All funny. Yes. Good Ok open wide for me. I have always had problems with Extractions. Today no exception. he was pushing and pulling my head all over the place. All the time twisting. I could feel  the pressure and hear the creaks. I thought any minute now it will break,then we will have problems ,as I have had that before. But  he was thorough. OK all done he said as he shoved a pad in my mouth.

I said that one was a bugger wasnt it. Yes it was deep-rooted. I had to do it slow and careful or I may snap it. The other one was not so much of a problem as it now had room to move.

After sitting for 5 minutes he said Ok you can leave now. I will see you next week when we do the rest.

But I have decided not to have the rest out, so I must cancel the appointment later.


Been home an hour and a half still got a frozen face, Mavis is wondering what she can give me for tea? Something Soft I suggested.

At least  the bleeding has stopped it looks healthy.

Definitely  closer now.

Another day tomorrow.

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