Warm Summer days behind us now.

Today I am off for  my Bite registration . It’s a week ago since my extractions. I can’t believe I still need pain killers for it. My gum is still tender and its like tooth ache. It looks healthy.

We shall see.

My guitar practice took a turn for the better yesterday.. It seems my struggle with bar chords was because I was or am doing it wrong. I watched a youtube lesson. So I am hoping that may have made a big difference for me. Because I picked up  the guitar and instantly I could play 2 bar chords.


Had my bite fitting. Back again tomorrow for  visual and articulation. Then I think it’s a clear week for processing. Then I will have a full  mouth of teeth again something not seen for a number of years.The Technician said the discomfort could last for a while yet. But  he showed me the impressions  today. He is pleased with them. I know they are only wax today but I said my! they do feel comfortable. I thought they would feel odd. He just smiled and said Good. He offered me a choice of 3 sets of coloured  teeth . Which  do you like. Hm! , not those I said they are  too white. Thats not me. To be honest not much between the other 2. Well there is he said but its subtle. I said those then I think. Yes he said my choice also. Perfect match. So that’s settled.


Maybe I was optimistic about my Bar chords! Some are ok some are S..t. Just keep practicing . My BP is down to 125/55. If it goes any lower they  will give me mouth to mouth.

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