Taken in Burnham on Crouch.

Not a lot on today. I am still  fileing  my denture. I need more bonjela soon. i feel like I should be painting again but I  can’t work up any enthusiasm.

After a heavy frost this morning ,the sun is bright and most of it has melted off. But still on roofs  that are in the shade. I am glad I drained water from tanks in the van yesterday..

Only another week and we go away in it for the weekend.

Made a change today Mavis decided a trip to Faversham would be nice for louis. He could walk round the nice park. Ok So that’s where we went. I had to post some  stuff and get some stamps. Gosh I was amazed at the price of stamps. It would be cheaper to deliver  myself.

Then as we passed the freezer shop mavis said I could go in and get a few bits couldn’t I. Ok I said But be carefull we have to carry it a fair way back to the car. Ok  she said I’ll only use a basket..  Whew!. Then while I was waiting  I was talking to  a lady  who had taken a shine to louis.

 Then out of the shop came our ex neighbour. That was a nice surprise so we had a chat catching up.

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I miss these sunny walks in the country.

I woke up this morning and was my mouth sore. My bottom Denture played up. On inspection I found it was not the sides causing trouble. But  the bit resting on the top of the gum. It had lines in the moulding and that’s caused a long line of ulcers. So out came my mini drill /polisher and half hour later those lines smoothed out. But with a mouth full of Bonjela I don’t want to put them back yet. So it could be soup for lunch.

Our walk  to the post office was better today . The wind has dropped  so it’s not so bitter.

Surprised at parcel prices. I had a parcel from Hong Kong this morning. Postage Free??

So my new case arrived. Excellent quality . Real leather Tan camera case £6 & free postage from Hong Kong. How do they do it?.

I’ve been down to the Motorhome and drained all the water from  heater and freshwater and Toilet flush Tanks ready for any cold frosty snap.

I’ve turned the water off under the sink indoors that feeds the outside tap so that wont freeze.

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I’ve received email offering me the chance to get involved with Wunderlist  Beta version Trials. When I  started  Wunderlist they said a new version was on the drawing board and were looking  for  volunteers. I asked to be considered .  But that was ages ago. I had forgotten it. So this was a nice surprise. I’ve accepted and downloaded and set it al up. After a few glitches All my data is loaded so it’s all systems go.

We walked all the way up to the post office in the nasty cold. But its Wednesday . Half day closing.

So it looks like another  cold walk in the morning.

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24 hours 24/7

What is a day in my life what do I see
I see love and kindness directed at me.
A day in my life is simple I don’t ask a lot.
Just waking  each morning to see her beside me that hits the spot.

Each day is worth living when  she is by my side.
Its been that simple since she was my bride.
Whats in a day when she takes the lead.
She planted that love she watered that seed.

Now we have journeyed along  life’s way.
Laughing and loving each special day
Twists and turns with laughter and grief
Holding together in our own belief.

What’s in a day ,a day in my life.
Every day is special  with mavis my life

raymond Nov 2012


For a while now I’ve been trying to learn Guitar as some may know. I’ve been really struggling with Bm Chord. My  thumb has become very painful and my wrist the same. .I was reading  that changing  to extra light  strings may help. So because its raining hard I thought  Ok  do it today. So  I’ve changed them now. What a difference its made.

In about 10 years  I may be able to play something.

We have just walked up the post office. Blimey what a fight . We had a head on wind. Coming back  it was almost a run, being pushed from behind. But today my back is grotty again.

So I have decided to take a step  that I didnt  want to do yet. That is use a stick. I am just using it indoors at the moment. I admit it  seems to lift  some of the pain away. But  I am afraid of giving in to it and end up depending on it.

Still no news about my acupuncture.

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Mavis and I have had another meeting at KCC. This one I actually found interesting. I could hear most of it and even input a couple of  points.

We got a nice email from  our  friends in the Bahamas. He said its only 75 here today. Is he taking the P..s . All we had was rain rain rain.

Most of the afternoon and evening was taken up with getting to and from the meeting and some shopping on the way home. So  for me today  this is about it.

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It certainly blew here during the night. A walk with louis  we saw evidence of it. Fences down. Bins and garden ornaments strewn all over.

I was totally lazy  I didn’t wake up untill  gone 10 this morning. mavis said I slept through all the wind and noise and lashing rain.

What am I doing? watching Garfield. Love it. Sorry adverts finished got to get back. Got to  help Odie.

All done Odie safe all thanks to Garfield

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Wet Wet Wet. Ugh!

This used to be the 2nd year Apprentice Training Centre. ” The lower Mast House “

I spent my 2nd year here in 1954. I had not yet met Mavis. I still had that Joy to come.

While walking louis this morning in the rain, a group of foreign farm hands came down the lane all  noisy and all over the road, laughing and shouting lots of pushing and shoving. Oh Dear that’s tooo much for louis. It spooked him. He turns round and pulls for home. he hates change. It’s normaly quiet up the lane maybe cars passing by , not noisy groups.

I ended yesterdays blog  with a headache. I don’t know what but my eyes all puffed up and were watering and so sore to touch. The eyeballs were all bloodshot. This morning  when I woke up one eye was glued shut and the other was full of yuk. But the swelling had gone down. I think it was a delayed reaction to the drops I had earlier  in the week at the hospital. They did say  they doubled up  because they thought they missed it. I will mention it on my next visit.

Not sure whats in store today. I ordered some stuff on Ebay  earlier this week. Today I got an email message from  china in broken English but so sweet. The seller  ” Elleeshang” is sorry but not have in stock color you ask will you take pink not black or we give you refund so sorry. It does go on a bit but that’s the basics.

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