After a short lay in we decided to visit corfe . Nice old stone cottages. Tea houses etc. we walked the wrong way to the castle, but we found it.
It was very high up and mavis said she couldn’t climb it. So a view from outside was enough,
Seen one seen em all.
It did look a mess. A local said they are always rebuilding it its constantly falling down.after a walk round the village and a visit to the bakery shop we went back and mavis cooked lunch in the van.very handy.


What a day. We took the van to Poole harbour. We wanted to visit the site of the painting I did Poole harbour by gaslight . It was like stepping back in time. I tookots of pics
Then we got fish n hips. Then back in the van parked on the front we had lunch looking at the rough sea a few feet away.
With seagulls swooping and popping all over my clean van.
Then we put the tv on and watched film.
It was getting dark so we set off back.
During the return we were followed by a hugorry stick hard on my tail. When out of the gloom and too late a big branch swinging smacked into my vanT screen height. Racked all along my roof with a hell of a noise. I couldn’t stop or pull over the lorry was too close and the road too narrow.
After which the lorry was nowhere to be other traffic followed either.we think it hit him full on at screen height.
Isabel some nasty grooves on my front which I will look at when I can get a ladder.
But all in all not a bad day.
More excitement tomorrow.

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We walked to the steam train and spent a morning in swanage.
Quaint old train.
It was bloody cold and windy.
But how warm and cozy back in The van. I think future trip outs will be with the van.

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Went to see life of pi ‘briiant.sun out now dry.we had the van washed for us today.louis escaped we panicked he was in the woods behind us. We were whistling and calling he came galloping back little sod we thought we had lost him what a Christmas that would have been .

Mave is shattered but has enjoyed herself. Tomorrow we move on to Dorset .
More tomorrow.
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Nice and sunny now it’s stopped pouring. We are all going to see life of pi in 3d later. Fed up eating and. It’s not Christmas Day yet.pre days and we move on to dotset but these 2 are off to cypres.

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santa_2_e0Its a bright fresh day . We are packed now. All the bits we will need on our  time away. Clothes , food. and a pile of  electrics. Ipads iphones notebooks power packs batteries leads  the list is endless.

I will try to keep  both  my blog and FB page updated. But posts may be short. I might even post one and loose it like I  usually do. A lot depends on the weather, what we do where we go. I think it will do mavis good to get a break from  it. She spends so much concentration on her pc. But  she never does anything by halves. Its always been all or nothing.

As the day  as progressed my back has got a little easier. But shortly a walk with louis  will help. A lot of sitting about isnt good for me.


Louis walk over I am still upright.  Called in to chemist to pick up Maves prescription.Now packed and pilled.

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