What a response Mavis is getting  for her IATP posting. They are finding the show  and speech is good.

I had to go to my outside tool locker you know the tall wardrobe type. the doors had blown open in the wind and one of my tool boxes was full of water and several tools were rusted up so I think its been open  for a few days, probably blew open in the snow while we were away. So when I get round to it I will have to sort them and probably end up  dumping  quite a few.

Although its bright today its hellish windy. I had a job  walking louis earlier..

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IATP presentation


img069CAt last after 2 days work I have finished Mavis`s audio/video presentation .

Its taken over 2 hours to upload to youtube.

Maves Presentation

Its been a little warmer today but that wind is nasty. I wonder what will be our next venture.

I think we are still  tired after the weekend.

At least I wasnt up at 4 am like yesterday


Mavis is well pleased with my little presentation, she says its receiving  lots of nice comments. I  just wish I hadnt let her down by mucking up the video. So I owed it to her to do my best.

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Couldnt sleep today Mavis was up at quarter to 4 am That woke me  up so I was up at 4.30am.

I’ve been for my acupuncture. Blimey did it hurt. Yes it did. He said my back was in spasm so it was hard to insert the needles. I said I thought you had skewed me to the table. When it was over he said I had bled a bit but not to worry.

I’ve been working on maves presentation . But I’ve had a few problems. I think I am still  jet lagged from the weekend and the early start today.

I’ve taken louis for his walks but because its blowing a gale he wont go  out,

maybe a better day tomorrow.

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Well after a 450 mile round trip and 4 days away. We are home again..

What an experience it has been. Its been an emotional ride right back to last year when mavis said Oh I am being  honoured next year and we have to go to Derbyshire. Ok I said when. Err! it’s in January. OMG I said up North in January that’ll be fun. Oh don’t say that she said. I said I meant weatherwise. So its been a nerve-racking  wait for me for months. Right up untill last week when Snow was hitting us. But undeterred came Thursday. We packed the Motorhome with  what she needed and we set of around lunch time. With unsettling forecast heart in my mouth in for a penny in for a pound as they say. We intended to stop overtime in Northampton SErvices and get an early start  friday.

But the roads were clean and empty we made excellent progress and arrived at the services really  having made good time. We had a small snack and decided to go for it and do the last 80 odd miles  to  Derbyshire Hotel.

It was a good job we had researched the journey because when we reached the M1 junc we wanted the at nav said continue for 7 miles. NO  way so I turned off  up the slip road and counted the Jncns that we had Googled reaching out  turn off sat nav still insisted continue 7 miles further. Ignoring it we turned off  knowing we only had a few hundred yards to destination. ……………

Oh dear Boo Boo. I missed the turning it looked so different in real life. panicking I headed for the next exit. Off we turned , its got to be a left we said and then another left. We were now in a road that was snow and iced covered  cars parked both sides one slippery lane down the center. No choices down we went eventually  we arrived at the Hotel  from the rear . Now we are faced with a steep incline into the car park slipping  a bit  we reached the top but it was packed with cars and whats more covered solid with ice. I had to move on so  now faced with another slope only  downwards gingerly  we moved forward. I couldn’t  brake because it was to icy I headed for the only space we could see and that was right at the bottom and in the corner. But  alls well we stopped at last.

But as we were a day  early  we couldn’t book in and set up the van put the fire on  put the Telly on and settled down . We spent the night in the car park no problem we were all cozy.

We spent the next 3 days in the hotel. we kept louis in our room so that  he wouldn’t get cold in the van. He has been an angel , he was left on his own at times but  he never complained. he and I had great fun walking. Especially on the Saturday morning . We had a heavy snow fall friday night  picture below and woke up to over 6 inches and more of snow. Louis loved it  he was dashing about like a mad thing . IMG_0052  We walked in the deep snow to look at the traffic speeding below us on the M1 . My poor little van was all snowed in . You can just see the van in the picture below.IMG_0038

I was thinking  we are not  getting out of there in a hurry. But  Saturday it warmed up  the sun came out . Saturday evening It rained boy did it rain me and louis got a soaking. And On sunday morning Mavis opened the curtains ITS ALL GONE she said. Yep  it had all just gone . In fact it was like a spring morning outside in a t Shirt.  After all our goodbyes and breakfast behind us we set off and had an excellent journey home. It was a lovely  event. We have met some really  lovely people. My new friend Linda  from LA I think Ive pulled there she is lovely. WE have had some real good belly laughs. I am sure everyone has enjoyed it.

My only regret is my stupidity. I practiced videoing with my new camera  so I would have no problems videoing the Presentation. I  changed the batteries ready before we went into the reception. I took 4 more fully charged ones with me. I took a few pictures. And when it came for the presentation I  positioned myself  turned on  the camera.  RECHARGE BATTERIES NOW was what I got. Oh  s..t so quickly changing  batteries trying not to miss too much. Same message Oh No Panic  changed to the last 2 batteries. Same message. Disaster Presentation over . No video  Gutted. My son said how many times have I told you rechargeable are rubbish. So I only have myself to blame I apologised to Mavis but she just said don’t worry about. But I am really  seriously Pd Off..

Well I am sure Mavis will have more to add with her own blog so for me its TTFN Home and shattered.

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Sorry no post yesterday.
It snowed heavy last night. I will not get out car park unless it rains and clears it. We had a nice
Meal together.
Tonight is the big do.met lovely
Linda at last.

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