My Guitar lesson was as bad as usual. he did tell me that HE could see improvement since the last one.

I suppose just a little. Anyway when I got home it was out of tune again  s o I tuned it and bang went a string. So after a bit of lunch it was off to town for a new set. Back home I fitted them. I hate that bit it takes ages. but all sorted again.

My next lesson is 2 weeks away. I said I need 2 weeks between  to practice.

Louis got a nice run in the park so he was happy.

A quiet  day really.

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New GuitarWell progress for me has been Slow. Ive worked my way through most of  my Grade 3 book . But I am not happy. I have another lesson on Thursday .

Then one more to complete my first 4. But tonight while practicing I turned a page and it said Melody in 4:4 But it was in notation and Tablature. Without thinking I started to play it. Very slowly at first ,then I realised what it was. I  had just played my First  tune from  a piece of music. Is this my break through???

Ive had a lot of pain in my left hand and wrist and fingers. All down to  practice sessions. I thought I will never be able to read or play anything from this lesson book, but I have.



I had a lovely surprise today My favourite film Les Miserables was mainly filmed in Chatham Dockyard. Which I spoke of yesterday in my blog.

I remember a few years ago The MCC held a Rally in the yard over a weekend ,in the evening when  the yard closed to the public we were all  in our motorhomes. Some  knew that I worked in it and were asking me what it was like before it all closed down. So I took  them around on an impromptu  tour. I took them to places not normally  seen by the public. I recall we were stopped by  dockyard police and asked what we were doing  there. But  one of our  guys said that I was an apprentice here years back in the 1950 and that I was giving them a historical tour. The police seemed happy with that and said its OK. They all seemed to enjoy  it and the tales I told them. I remember taking photos  I even used one of them for the cover of one of my books.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIts a view from the wharf looking  over the river Medway I was pleased with its blue tinge as it was late evening. You can click  it for more info.

More good news email Check your Lottery Ticket. Yippeee Ive won. Errr! £2.20 Oh well its a free week.

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Better to get up late and be wide awake than to get up early and be asleep all day.images

The Caisson.

A bit nostalgic today. I was remembering a day early in my apprenticeship . December 15 1954 at 3.30 pm. All the apprentices were assembled in the college hall  singing Christmas Carols. When the Principal walked in and stopped the service. He said that we were all to  collect our immediate things and exit the yard immediately. That we were forbidden to return to our respective workshops. We didn’t know at that time of a serious accident. When we next returned to work we discovered that a disaster had happened. The Caisson in no 3 dry dock had failed. The dock had filled  instantly with the in rushing river. Lifting a submarine off its blocks and hurling it across the river. The death toll was 4.  The admiralty decided that a re think on  caisson design was needed. So a program was designed  to re place all the caissons. My 3rd year apprenticeship job as a shipwright was to join this team on new construction. I reported to my new gang and I was appointed to my new skipper. A Welshman  named Bill. Known as taffy .  I thought this would be a good opportunity.

But it was not to be. Usually we were moved around on a 3 monthly basis in order to gain varied experience. But my  first 3 months with Bill were not very nice. In order to  start  building a new caisson involved daily trips to the plate wharf in the freezing cold to mark out plates ready  to go to the machine shop for cutting and bending. Most of the plate was 40lb plate. Thats 1 inch thick so it was too heavy to be manhandled. During  this first 3 months with Bill I hardly got a word out of him except to snap commands at me like I was something off his shoes. I looked forward to my next move. When it came I found I was not  moving on. I was to stay with Bill for  another 3 months. I requested an interview with the senior inspector of Construction Mr Beard. I asked him for my normal  move. He blew his top. He said You are on a New Construction Program. A chance men would give their right arm  for. So get back to it. He refused to listen to my requests. I asked for a new skipper but  he said No.

This caisson was being built inside Number 7 Slip. Which was a giant building open at both ends the wind blew through end to end freezing cold. No heating at all  and in winter, not very nice. I actually ended up a whole year on  new construction. The Senior  Inspector   later told me I was privileged and one day I would thank him. So looking at this picture today reminded me of those days so long ago now. I never felt the need to thank him.No 7 Slip

imagesInside Number 7 slip.

Actual Account from the Dockyard Diver

So much for nostalga.

I was asked to do a yahoo  satisfaction survey for my recent enquiry . So I told them. Not sure they will like it.

I am off shortly  for my needles session.


My last needles session over , I will miss Garry . Its upto 6 today which is a lot warmer that recent 1 or 2 degrees.

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If you want to know what God thinks of money, just look at the people he gave it to.

On my Trip to the Surgery today I  had the usual  problem negotiating stationary cars parked both sides of the road. I propose a new Tax to swell the coffers. If you park outside your home in the road and your drive is empty. £20 fine. What do you think.

Just been tidying up bits today. Had my 6 monthly Blood test  for my Myloma.  Tomorrow its acuppuncture day again.

Its still  cold here. Had to sort yahoo on my phone. It wouldnt work. I had to delete account and re load it. All this trouble after an update. Every time I  down load any updates I get problems. I never learn.

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To acquire knowledge, one must study; but to acquire wisdom, one must observe.

A short trip shopping because louis has run out of  dog chews. I shopped and Mavis walked him.

It is still bitterly cold. My gauge hasnt risen above 1.1 all Day.

Its another lazy day for me. I just chilled on the settee watched a bit of TV and I think I nodded off for a bit.

dancing on Ice Mat and Brianne pulled off the hat Trick. Best so Far.

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Quotation:  Violence is the last refuge of the incompetent.

Another  Bitter cold day. We are glad we didnt go away this weekend. Sometimes on TV you find a good old Film.


Today by chance I  watched The Black Shield Of Falmouth. Tony Curtis 1954

I saw this before I even met mavis. Everyone wanted to have the Tony Curtis hairstyle, Hmm memories.

Ive got to pluck up courage in a minute and take louis out again ,its freezing outside. I wish he could do what that dog on facebook can do.

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imagesWell I made it. 3/4 of the way to  a 100.

So what did I get for my Birthday? What is my Best Present, Yes you guessed it.

Another day with Mavis, what more could I ask.

I did also get Les Miserables CD. Les Miserables

And a Guitar Stand from Mavis. No need to prop it up in the corner now.

The Guitar that is not Mavis.

A big thankyou to all my friends who sent me cards and best wishes. Thankyou.

 I’ve just got in  from walking  louis. Its snowing lightly I hope that’s it nothing heavy.Still cold.

Who thinks Fuel will hit £2 by Christmas. When it does what a blow to recovery. Lots will have to give up  cars. a knock on is no road tax no more insurance that means redundancy goes up more reduction in taxes more on benefits and so it goes on.

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