imagesWell I made it. 3/4 of the way to  a 100.

So what did I get for my Birthday? What is my Best Present, Yes you guessed it.

Another day with Mavis, what more could I ask.

I did also get Les Miserables CD. Les Miserables

And a Guitar Stand from Mavis. No need to prop it up in the corner now.

The Guitar that is not Mavis.

A big thankyou to all my friends who sent me cards and best wishes. Thankyou.

 I’ve just got in  from walking  louis. Its snowing lightly I hope that’s it nothing heavy.Still cold.

Who thinks Fuel will hit £2 by Christmas. When it does what a blow to recovery. Lots will have to give up  cars. a knock on is no road tax no more insurance that means redundancy goes up more reduction in taxes more on benefits and so it goes on.

maves blog

IATP Award

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