New GuitarWell progress for me has been Slow. Ive worked my way through most of  my Grade 3 book . But I am not happy. I have another lesson on Thursday .

Then one more to complete my first 4. But tonight while practicing I turned a page and it said Melody in 4:4 But it was in notation and Tablature. Without thinking I started to play it. Very slowly at first ,then I realised what it was. I  had just played my First  tune from  a piece of music. Is this my break through???

Ive had a lot of pain in my left hand and wrist and fingers. All down to  practice sessions. I thought I will never be able to read or play anything from this lesson book, but I have.



I had a lovely surprise today My favourite film Les Miserables was mainly filmed in Chatham Dockyard. Which I spoke of yesterday in my blog.

I remember a few years ago The MCC held a Rally in the yard over a weekend ,in the evening when  the yard closed to the public we were all  in our motorhomes. Some  knew that I worked in it and were asking me what it was like before it all closed down. So I took  them around on an impromptu  tour. I took them to places not normally  seen by the public. I recall we were stopped by  dockyard police and asked what we were doing  there. But  one of our  guys said that I was an apprentice here years back in the 1950 and that I was giving them a historical tour. The police seemed happy with that and said its OK. They all seemed to enjoy  it and the tales I told them. I remember taking photos  I even used one of them for the cover of one of my books.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIts a view from the wharf looking  over the river Medway I was pleased with its blue tinge as it was late evening. You can click  it for more info.

More good news email Check your Lottery Ticket. Yippeee Ive won. Errr! £2.20 Oh well its a free week.

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