Its been wet all day so apart from Louis walk that’s it. I’ve been working on Maves new website. She is logged into the conference in America. She even had her question answered.

Just an update on my Back. My acupuncture course is over and I am still relatively trouble-free as long as I am careful.  I am awaiting  results from my Doctor  regarding any progression with my Myloma.

We were talking over Dinner about the speed of Technology. I said do you remember that cold snowy day back in 1974 when we walked into W H Smiths and joined the que to buy the Sinclaire Spectrum 16k. That evening we sat on the mat trying to get it to work , we had a tape recorder/player with the programs on Tape. Did we ever visualise that  one day we would find it so amazing  just to talk to people all round the world on-screen. and all the information at your finger tips. We certainly  didn’t. Today we have leaps  forward in one place and on the other we step back into  history  and have nations threatening destruction with Nuclear Bombs.

We will never Learn.

IATP Awards

Maves Blog



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