IMG_0012Another milestone over. 7.15 Sharp the doorbell rang . Its Dave my  chauffeur for the day ready to whisk me to my Appointment. As we sped along  we were chatting and joking. He dropped mavis and me at the main entrance , he went to  the golf range nearby. We booked in at  8 am for 8-15. Eventually a very nice nurse came to  take us in. Hello my name is Ivor he said what shall I call you. I was shown to my bed and given a gown. That was a laugh. The buttons didnt fit. they were press ons. After form filling another nurse came hello my name is peter whats yours. Shortly I will take you to the Lab he said. Next another nurse. Did the usual  Blood pressure and sugar levels. Back came Peter with a tray. He fitted a cannulae in my Hand. YUK!!

Next Peter came and said I will walk you to the Lab now and off we went. Then as I entered the operating room it was full of young girl nurses.  As soon as I entered one took my dressing gown off. Then it happened. The silly gown with dodgy buttons dropped to the floor. So now I am standing Stark naked with my knickers  etc on the floor. Oh dear!  but  one nurse picked it up  and said sorry but the buttons arent working so you can just hold it  . There in front of me is this long table, all I could think of was  it looked like something  from a horror movie. Stand on the stool and lay on the bed they said. Wriggle left and right  up and down untill I was in position. I started shivering. Uncontrollable shivering. Oh My God am I this nervous I thought. my teeth were chattering my arms and legs were trembling like jelly. I thought how on earth  are they going to  work on me like this. Find a bein, they will have a job finding a leg at this rate. So I am laying on this table freezing cold when a nurse whips the only thing thats covering me off.  Now another said we are just going to  shave your groin. I already done that I said. Ha yes that looks ok. Now someone is washing my groin. Next  I get told this may sting a bit  wallop  they stuck this needle  in. I thought if it goes any deeper it will pin my arse to the bed. All done he said. By now I can hardly  breath it’s so cold. I said it’s so cold in here, hoping they might take the hint and cover my modesty but no. They said yes its always cold in here. At last THE MAN comes in.

Hello I am going to start the procedure now. He pulled the sheet  over me a little bit trapping my you know what bits ,which didn’t help much. The procedure took about 25 mins of pushing and pressing flushing etc. All done he said at last. We  would like to transfer you to the bed now but  you must stay flat. Do not raise your head do not  move your right leg ,do not arch your back and above all do not strain. How am I going to do this I asked. Raise your left leg slide your straightened right leg a little to the right followed by your bent left one assisted by using your left elbow. Don’t use your hand you must not put pressure  on it in case you  damage the cannulae. So with a none to dignified and idea of modesty I am wriggling, but  I eventually did it . Quickly I was returned to the ward still shivering violently . A pad was placed over the wound. Put your hand on this she said and try not to cough or sneeze and stay flat  like that for 45 mins do not move your leg . Or head.

After 45 mins and a blood pressure check every 10 mins they were concerned it was too high. Then they realised it had a hole in it.. After 45 mins they raised the head a little and they continued to raise it slowly in steps untill  I was sitting up. When they were happy  that my BP was OK and I had stopped bleeding I was allowed to sit in a chair and then small walks in the ward for another 2 hours. Eventually  THE MAN came and said OK  the results are that you have one very narrowed arteryand  that needs fixing. We will discuss this at our meeting and you will be advised on what is agreed the best course for you. You will probably be offered a Stent. The remainder or your  arteries are OK so  no problems there. When the nurses have finished with you, you  can go home.

So now more forms and the removal of the cannulae in my hand. Then  the cafiter in my groin can come out. All the bitts attached to me can come off I am cleaned up.  Hooray I got dressed and we made our way to  the main  reception.  Lets use the Lift Mavis said. So we climbed in . The buttons didn’t have numbers on only silly  left or right arrows. Mavis pressed one  nothing happened. Try that one ,the doors closed,  nothing. She said that was quiet. The doors opened we hadn’t moved. Try another one,  doors opened . Wrong floor. Try another one, doors close. ;;;;; Doors open ? back where we started. Oh sod this let’s get out and walk. It appeared that we were in the porters lift not the public lift. With a ladys help we found the right one and made it to the right floor. But we had to ask the way and a lady said follow me. I had a job keeping up with her. Mavis was way out front of me. Then I could see my  friends smiling face. At last outside into the sunshine and across the car park  and he whisked us home.

NowI have got to all this again when I have the stent fitted. But first I have to  help Mavis with her next bout of Chemo. We hope the dates dont clash. Because hers its at KCC and mine is at Ashford. Anothe pig of a place to get to from here.

Anyway thats our day  today. As they say Just another day at the office.

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Todays Puzzle


Getting a bit nervous now as tomorrows angiogram approaches. My friend told me this morning that his friend has been in hospital 3 weeks now after  having a stent. It’s not working for him and they are doing tests to find out why. I don’t need any problems with mine because I have to be up and about to take mavis to and from her appointments. If its to be in london I will be terrified if I have to let her go on her own. I will have a heart attack just waiting for her to get home again.

I ordered a spare part for a clock over a month ago. Each time I check its delivery it seems to move forward a bit. I will certainly not use them again. The order said 7-14 days its 30 tomorrow and still no sign.

mavis contacted her oncologist today and we are sitting in limbo waiting for a call back. HHMMMM!!!


Hours ago  we phoned oncologist. Then a follow up call . By now they must have all gone home and no reply yet. A call  said not in the office at the moment. Typical.

The stress  these people give is amazing. We wont be here tomorrow so  we wont get an answer untill  Wednesday at  least now. How can we plan anything yet.

The chemist just delivered my pills. Ordered on the 18th. I have chased them. Oh yes we will get back to you. Oh yes we are dealing with it and today I asked . After 18 days where are my pills. Ah yes do you have home delivery? Yes I see you do , they will be with you later. When I read the label its dated 24th so  they were late  getting them and they have had them  sitting on there  shelves 5  days. Whats wrong with  service today does none of us matter? Rant over stress levels coming down Phew!.


At last a phone call. Yes the treatment can be done locally . So thats a relief ,no travelling up to london.


A blossomIts BG`s day today. Thats Birds, Bee`s.Blossom, and Goldfish.

We had to  Grey Doves sitting on our Arch when we went out .But flew off when I opened the Gate.. Then we saw Blossom in the Carpark. Then I can see we have smaller Golfish in the podt. And big bumble Bees in the plants by the pond.

It was a nice fresh  day. I tried a long round walk, but mavis stopped me. So we turned back after a short walk. I will do better soon.

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After my heart attack my Son  bought me loads of tea. That you must use he said its De caff. I have been drinking it since I dont like it but Oh Well.

So  in the Daily mail today how pleased I was to read this;Yipee back to normal tea.Lots of tea..So  why did I have a heart attack then I drink more than double that amount. I need to cups to wake up in the morning. One to go to bed with and I loose count of the inbetweens.

Perhaps Ive cracked it, just another  myth,it didnt work for me. Perhaps I need more practice.

Tea, a tonic for high blood pressure: Three cups a day to help counteract cardiovascular disease

By Jenny Hope


Heart-warming: Drinking tea may stabilise your blood pressure

Heart-warming: Drinking tea may stabilise your blood pressure

You might have thought you were simply satisfying a thirst in that most British of ways.

But drinking three cups of tea a day may also stabilise your blood pressure, researchers say.

It not only reduces blood pressure, but also minimises the variability of readings taken at night.

Experts say the benefits of tea are largely due to the flavonoid content – antioxidant ingredients that counteract cardio-vascular disease.

Every day there are 350 preventable strokes or heart attacks in the UK due to high blood pressure.

It has long been known that high blood pressure can significantly increase the risk of heart disease.

Now wide variations in blood pressure are also recognised as an important risk factor compared with readings that show little difference over a 24-hour period.

Professor Jonathan Hodgson of the University of Western Australia said: ‘There is already mounting evidence that tea is good for your heart health, but this is an important discovery because it demonstrates a link between tea and a major risk factor for heart disease.

‘We have shown, for the first time to our knowledge, that the consumption of black tea can lower rates of blood pressure variation at night time.’

A survey last week found tea is still the nation’s favourite drink, with Britons consuming 166 million cups of tea every day.

A high blood pressure reading is one that exceeds 140/90 millimetres of mercury (mm Hg).

The first figure, the systolic pressure, corresponds to the ‘surge’ that occurs with each heartbeat.

In the latest study 111 men and women consumed three cups of black tea daily or a flavonoid free, caffeine containing beverage for six months.They had systolic blood pressure between 115 and 150 mm Hg.

The rate of blood pressure variation was assessed at three time points, on day one and at three and six months.

Great British drink: Tea contains flavonoids, a antioxidant ingredients that counteract cardiovascular

Great British drink: Tea contains flavonoids, a antioxidant ingredients that counteract cardiovascular

At these three time points, black tea consumption resulted in 10 per cent lower rates of blood pressure variability at night time than the flavonoid free drink.

These effects were seen immediately on the first day of tea drinking and maintained over the six months.


Drinking just two cups of coffee a day could stop breast cancer returning.

Scientists found it halved the rate of relapse in women treated with the widely-used drug tamoxifen compared with drinking one cup or none.

Over a five-year period researchers at Lund University in Sweden looked at 600 breast cancer patients.

Half of them took tamoxifen, a drug often prescribed after breast cancer surgery to reduce recurrence by blocking oestrogen receptors.

Researcher Maria Simonsson said: ‘Patients who took the pill, along with two or more cups of coffee daily, reported less than half the rate of cancer recurrence, compared with non-coffee drinking, tamoxifen-taking counterparts.’

The study team believe coffee boosts the effects of the drug.

As the caffeine content of the two beverages was the same, the improvement in blood pressure variability would appear to be the result of a black tea component other than caffeine, says a report in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.

This is likely to be the flavonoid content, say the researchers, whose previous work found drinking three cups of tea daily led to a cut in blood pressure of between two and three mm HG.

Although black tea was drunk in the study, other research suggests adding milk does not affect the benefits.

Dr Tim Bond, from the industry-backed Tea Advisory Panel, said ‘High blood pressure is a well-recognised risk factor for cardiovascular and total mortality. Traditionally the level of blood pressure has been equated with risk but the variability of blood pressure is now also thought to contribute to risk.

‘Black tea and its constituent flavonoids are increasingly associated with improvement in blood pressure and cardiovascular health. The regular consumption of black tea has been shown to lower blood pressure.

‘With its flavonoids, black tea packs a powerful punch with many health benefits particularly for the heart and recent studies show the flavonoids work their magic whether or not we choose to add milk. Drinking four or more cups of black tea each day is quite simply very good for us.’

So I am off for my  next cup of tea.


It’s off to the London hospital to see Doctor Szhozerik. He  was pleased to see mavis again. after lots of pleasantries he got down to business . He was very positive and he has offered some suggestions  and alternatives about what he can offer. So it’s not as gloomy  as we thought. In all probability treatment could start in 2 weeks if he does it or longer  if its local. It’s a bit airy fairy  at the moment.

At least  it wont be a 10 hour stint each time, well not on chemo anyway. It will be a long day  travelling  to London. But every mile and every minute will be worth it if it  gives us more time.

We left at half past 11 today to catch our first train and we have just got home at 8pm. Ok so on the way home we decided to have a meal in weatherspoons so that  mave didn’t have to start cooking this late.Poor ole louis was crossed leg  bless him.

Its onward and upward again on this perpetual merry-go-round.

Tess  told us to change our journey plans. Normally we go to  Victoria then underground to Mansion house and then a 20 odd minute walk to St Barts.

A walk  we were not looking forward to in my present condition. But  with Tess guidance. It’s fast to Bromley South change for Thameslink. Then a 5 minute walk across the busy Road and into  St Barts. So much better. A Big Thankyou Tess. lol  XXX and even more XXX.  XXX.

Well I think its going to be an early night  tonight just to chill out after the worrying day we had.

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Todays Puzzle


Morning all. A most unusual day. Its 6.15 am I am up. But mavis is not. Now Thats unusual. Louis is asleep by my feet. I just  couldnt sleep.

I will catch up later.Ever since my Heart attack I get Pins and Needlels in my left arm and leg. It strikes several times a day , I wondered why.

Pins and needles

Pins and needles (also known as paraesthesia) is a cold, burning, prickling or tingling sensation that is usually felt in the arms, legs, hands or feet. It can also happen in other parts of the body, such as the mouth and neck.

The sensation is normally painless and can cause numbness or itching.

Temporary pins and needles

Most people have experienced temporary pins and needles.

Pins and needles usually happen when weight applied to a part of the body cuts off the blood supply to the nerves in that area. For example, kneeling often causes pins and needles by limiting the blood supply to the nerves in your lower legs.

Symptoms disappear soon after pressure is taken off the affected area.

Chronic pins and needles

Chronic pins and needles that occur frequently over a long period of time are often an indication of a more serious condition, such as multiple sclerosis or diabetes (see Pins and needles – causes for more information). If you have chronic pins and needles, see your GP.

Treatment for chronic pins and needles will depend on the underlying cause. You may need to make simple lifestyle changes, or you may need more extensive treatment, such as medication or surgery.

Causes of pins and needles

Temporary pins and needles occur when pressure is applied to the affected area of the body.

This limits the blood supply to the nerves in that area, which prevents the nerves from sending important signals to the brain.

Chronic pins and needles

Underlying condition

Chronic pins and needles are usually a sign of an underlying condition or disease. These include the following:

  • A central nervous system disorder, including stroke, brain tumour, brain abscess, multiple sclerosis, encephalitis, transient ischaemic attack (mini stroke) or transverse myelitis (a disease of the spinal cord).
  • A connective tissue disease, such as rheumatoid arthritis or Sjogren’s syndrome.
  • A nerve-entrapment syndrome, such as carpal tunnel syndrome or sciatica.
  • A metabolic disease, such as diabetes or hypothyroidism.
  • A cardiovascular disease, such as atherosclerosis.
  • A disease of the blood vessels, such as Raynaud’s phenomenon.
  • Neuritis (inflammation of the nerve).
  • Infections such as HIV or Lyme disease.

Other factors

Chronic pins and needles can also be caused by:

  • toxic substances, such as exposure to lead or radiation
  • certain medications, such as chemotherapy, HIV medication or anticonvulsant medications
  • malnutrition (when your body lacks specific nutrients due to a poor diet)
  • vitamin B12 deficiency
  • cancer
  • direct damage to the nerves by infection or injury
  • alcohol misuse

Diagnosing pins and needles

Chronic pins and needles are often the symptom of a more serious condition.

To identify and diagnose the condition responsible for your pins and needles, your GP will look at your medical history and carry out a physical examination.

They may also want to do various tests, depending on the suspected cause of your pins and needles. These may include:

  • blood tests
  • a nerve or muscle biopsy, where a sample of nerve or muscle is taken to be analysed
  • an electromyogram, which measures muscle responses to an electrical stimulus. A needle electrode is inserted through the skin and into the muscle to give an electrical recording of muscle activity when its nerves are stimulated
  • a CT scan, which uses X-rays and a computer to create detailed images of the inside of your body
  • chemical analysis of your urine

Treating pins and needles

If you have temporary pins and needles, you can ease the symptoms by simply taking the pressure off the affected area.

If you have chronic pins and needles, the treatment will depend on what has caused it. For example, if it is caused by an underlying condition, such as diabetes, treatment will focus on controlling the condition to ease the symptoms. This may be done through medication or surgery.

If the pins and needles are caused by a vitamin B12 deficiency or a lifestyle habit such as alcohol misuse, treatment will focus on changing unhealthy behaviours. In these cases, you would eat more foods containing vitamin B12 and consume less alcohol.


I have been contacted by a solicitor today to see if I can help her with enquiries about  what it was like working with Asbestos in Chatham Dockyard back in the 50s and 60s. She is working with  a client on mesothelioma claim. i spent 3/4 of an hour answering her questions as best I could.

I found it  difficult to  get it over to her the scale of it. She had no comprehension of the size of the base or the scale of  hazardous asbestos waste involved.

She thought the base was like a industrial  estate. She asked things like if  there was one boat in the yard would all the workmen be on it. I said there were over 13 thousand ment employed in it. Would there be more than one boat in the yard at  a time. i tried to paint a picture that there were 9  docks and 3 basins and that the area was in Chatham,  Gillingham, Brompton. It was huge. ButI dont think it sank in. She questioned me in depth  what I did. How i was exposed to Asbestos.

i was just  surfing and I found this:- In Mirror.co.uk Opinion

No protection while working on Royal Navy ships

By Andrew Penman on Mar 9, 09 10:53 AM in Personal Stories

I worked at the Royal Naval base at Chatham helping refit warships. I started as an apprentice in 1959 when I was 15 and I remember chopping asbestos from deck heads – that’s the ceilings – on a destroyer called HMS Diamond and it falling like snow over me.

Despite the Ministry of Defence knowing the dangers of this evil stuff you were not told of its danger or given any safety equipment.

I was diagnosed with pleural plaques three years ago at the same time compensation was stopped. I went to my MP, Ann Widdicombe to ask her to support the case for compensation in Parliament.


Her view and advice was to forget about it and get on with life. I said you obviously don’t know the fear you feel when you get a cough that takes forever to go. You always fear the worst. I’ve seen guys with mesothelioma, I know what it does.

Ann Widdicombe said well you have to get on with it and its up to the House Of Lords to decide and I cannot help. With that attitude to this problem we have a hell of a fight. But keep on Mirror, with your help we can win.

David Gomar, Maidstone, Kent.

Bill Sadler said:

In 1947 it was the start of being baptize in asbestos this was the start of my apprenticeship at the age of16 as a Boilermaker in the Ship Repairing Industry there is not much on a ship that was not covered by asbestos in those days not like today.
In Ship repairing not like Shipbuilding any repair with asbestos in those early days that’s the forty’s and fifty’s and even into the sixty’s and had to be broken and removed by hand and that was left lying around to be cleaned up
I worked 42 years in the Ship Repairing Industry then I was made redundant
In 1993 I found out I had Pleural Plaque and nobody told me that I could make a claim it was not until 2005 when I found out, then I made a claim through FreeClaim IDC then in October 2007 my solicitors inform me that the House of Lords rejected claims for that condition I now ask is that Justice after all those years.
What the Scottish assembly is doing is the right thing so why can’t our parliament do the same