It was up early day for me as we had to go to  Hospital for mavis`s scan.  It will be my first drive since my attack. After it warmed up  I was ok, the roads were empty so that helped.  We got their early hoping to get out quicker. After it was a stop off at Tescos on the way home. I managed about 3/4 of the walk round the store, but I came over very tired. So I went and sat down and waited for Mave at the checkout. Well one of us had to pay for it.

Mavis got a new phone today. We can’t find her old one? We realised while I was in hospital just how much we needed  it. This one is on contract so she wont have to mess about topping up.  In an emergency the last thing to worry about is have I got any credit on the phone. I said we don’t want a PAYG , just treat it as sort of insurance.

I had mine but  without hers we had to wait  till she got home, not very good. Anyway I’ve been setting it up for her adding apps.

Only thing now is to make sure she keeps it with her and charged. Had a surprise call from mike and Linda. Always nice to hear from them. Our next catch up is at Hamble. I hope the weather  gets better by then.

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