Busy day so far. I took louis for a short walk this morning. But I had a surprise call from the Cardiology Nurse. Checking up on me. My goodness she asked a lot of questions. Dont do this and dont do that and above all dont make beds. Well I am sure she means well.But  basicly doing a bit of washing up and hoovering  isnt going to kill me. I am doing ok. She said not much can be done before my  angiogram in 2 weeks, when we will have a clearer picture as to what  they will do for me.

I  sorted my  transport problem to Margate. My  neighbour Dave has volunteered, which is good of him. I appreciated that. One thing less to worry about.

Cardiac nurse practitioner

Nurse and patient in Cardiac Intensive Care UnitThe cardiac nurse practitioner works as a competent and autonomous practitioner, who has gained and can apply specialist cardiac knowledge. Responsibilities include assessment of patients prior to cardiac surgery and cardiology intervention, including: history taking, physical examination, ordering and interpreting investigations, taking informed consent for procedures, and using specific patient group directions. The role is exciting and challenging with current developments including nurse led discharge, nurse prescribing and nurse led followup clinics.

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