l1Louis on a walk today, he seems to be picking up. It’s painfull to see him  trying to bite and chew  now his front teeth are gone.On his earlier walk he was  eating grass but it was hanging out his mouth  trying to chew it. I felt so guilty. But  later when He found his  chew sticks he soon  got the news that it had to be held  with his paws and chewed from the side and back teeth.

According to the vet  when i t all heals up he will be much happier. We had to collect his medicine  today. It was his pain killer, they should have given it to us yesterday but they didnt have it. I phoned up and asked when I can remove the bandage on his leg. She said I should have been told to remove it an hour after he came home. Oh well!. Its off now and Mavis has given him a bath now so he smells nice and fresh and he has had his tea. So he is on the mend. The things we do for our Pets.

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