Getting a bit nervous now as tomorrows angiogram approaches. My friend told me this morning that his friend has been in hospital 3 weeks now after  having a stent. It’s not working for him and they are doing tests to find out why. I don’t need any problems with mine because I have to be up and about to take mavis to and from her appointments. If its to be in london I will be terrified if I have to let her go on her own. I will have a heart attack just waiting for her to get home again.

I ordered a spare part for a clock over a month ago. Each time I check its delivery it seems to move forward a bit. I will certainly not use them again. The order said 7-14 days its 30 tomorrow and still no sign.

mavis contacted her oncologist today and we are sitting in limbo waiting for a call back. HHMMMM!!!


Hours ago  we phoned oncologist. Then a follow up call . By now they must have all gone home and no reply yet. A call  said not in the office at the moment. Typical.

The stress  these people give is amazing. We wont be here tomorrow so  we wont get an answer untill  Wednesday at  least now. How can we plan anything yet.

The chemist just delivered my pills. Ordered on the 18th. I have chased them. Oh yes we will get back to you. Oh yes we are dealing with it and today I asked . After 18 days where are my pills. Ah yes do you have home delivery? Yes I see you do , they will be with you later. When I read the label its dated 24th so  they were late  getting them and they have had them  sitting on there  shelves 5  days. Whats wrong with  service today does none of us matter? Rant over stress levels coming down Phew!.


At last a phone call. Yes the treatment can be done locally . So thats a relief ,no travelling up to london.


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