I got to thinking ,Just how long a stent will last. I thought once fitted I can forget it.

Not So.   A.   I will be on more drugs long term and     B     it doesnt last forever.images

How Long Will A Stent Last?

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“Stent life” is a frequent concern for patients who write to us wondering how long a stent will last, and how to prolong the value of a stent.A metal stent actually is permanent; your body’s endothelial cells grow over the metal implant, incorporating the device into the arterial wall for the rest of your life. However, just because the stent device is there doesn’t mean it will permanently remain effective in treating your disease. In a minority of cases (less than 10% of cases with 2nd generation Drug-Eluting Stents), a stent can become reblocked, called in-stent restenosis.” If this happens and your stented artery closes up, your doctor might re-open the blocked stent with a balloon, or even place another stent inside the blocked stent. In a small number of cases, the stent itself may become fractured or may pull away from the artery wall which may be a cause of restenosis or possibly stent thrombosis, blood clotting inside the stent.The best way to keep a stent from reblocking is to reduce as many risk factors as possible. That means lifestyle changes, including a healthy diet and exercise program, quitting smoking, taking the medical therapy and drugs your doctor prescribes, and scheduling an annual check-up visit with your cardiologist to stay on top of disease management. If you can slow or halt your Coronary Artery Disease from progressing, you’ll increase your quality of life and prolong your stent’s effectiveness. A stent is not a cure for your overall condition, but it can be a lifelong help to you in your fight for good health. Read more about drug-eluting stents here.


I took louis for his early walk, gosh it was so cold.I was worried incase he pulled and opened my wound. But he was so good. I checked it  out it has an area about the size of a saucer which is black and blue. Its still tender. But getting there.

Is anyone doing the Daily Puzzle?

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