This has been my best day since my heart attack 6 weeks ago now. First I took louis for a short walk. We got up the lane to our turning point without any  trouble. I admit I was tired when we got back. It was bright and sunny, I am sure that helped.

I promised myself I would sort  my new lamp today. So  it was time to get my ladders out. As usual  a 5 minute job became a problem. I hoped I could just replace old for new. Seeing as the lamps were the same. NO Way. The inside fittings were different. and the fixing holes were not the same. the cable entry was not  the same either.

I fitted the base plate , but  it required new screw holes. With that mounted. The lamp base would not fit  over the base because the cable space was much smaller. so  it was time to reduce the cable. Off with the base feed some spare back into the wall. But it still didnt fit because all the artex was to rough and it had to be chipped away because the footprint was smaller. Eventually . It started to fit, but Mavis came out and said DID you switch off the power. NO I said this is a switched spur and I checked it . Well  youve blown a fuse then right in the middle of my bread backing. I came off the ladder  sure enough somehow I had. I reset  fuse trip . Bread oven restored, fingers crossed no damage done. back up the ladder I rechecked the power. My end was still dead, so I don’t know  how I blew it??. Now  to fit the cage the bulb the top . Fill in the old holes, and get down off the ladder. My back was playing up . But Job done.

So pleased with myself.  It was time for louis next walk, gosh had it taken me that long to do it.

All tools away. A cup of tea and a biscuit  is in order. Next thing I remember the music on the tv to Deal or No Deal I had dropped off for over an hour. I just  had another little job to do , sort  a new curtain rod. All done now.

Before                                                                                                        and                                                                                                                                             After




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3 thoughts on “Sunday

  1. Ray old pal, it doesn’t sound like you are taking things as easy as you possibly could…………..or should. Glad to hear that today has been a good day for you though. All the best pal.

    Jock. (Y)

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