Well the cardiology Nurse Visited today. Very  impressed. It was not a quick in and out visit she was very thorough. Checked all my pills 14 of them a day. She has stopped several of them as Not needed. and increased one  that will help. She has also given me a gtn spray to control the symptoms. I said have you got any good news about my lost notes. She said they were not lost. It is a case of connecting with 3 hospitals  ,your admittance ,your angiogram and your stent. They each have to liaise. I said am I getting a stent. She said yes you have been recommended. But  at the moment you are in the system and within the recommended timeframe. So I can just sit back and wait.

She explained how to use the spray and it sounds a bit frightening. I will get it today when we go out.

Mavis has to go  for her pre chemo bloods today.


Back home now 5 pm been a long day in the hospital 5 hours there and back. Such a sweet nurse . So many questions to fill out. But we are ready for  the next round on Friday.The nurse said she is going to get Mavis book .

I picked up my  Spray from the chemist so  lets see how that works. I also picked up my glucose tablets that I  always carry with me. In the chemist here they are 90 pence a pack in Tesco 62 pence what a difference a third cheaper. Sorry Mr Chemist you just lost out on a customer. I didnt get my new windscreen wipers  because on the way home I had a small attack and just wanted to get home. Maybe an excuse to go out tomorrow.

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3 thoughts on “Tuesday

  1. Ray wrote, “because on the way home I had a small attack and just wanted to get home.”
    Gordon Bennett Ray, you need to be taking it really easy pal, ie, to the extent that you are not experiencing any attacks at all.

    Kindest regards, and all that mate.

  2. Hi J & R. Yes I got a right lecture from the cardiac nurse. After we told her what happened to me in London on Saturday she was not a happy bunny. But I am off with louis shortly so I am itching to try this spray she has given me. maybe I can run with louis. Then again maybe not lol Ray

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