Another quiet day. I don’t seem to be sleeping much lately. Well not at night. I was up again at just after 6 . Did my emails and Facebook. Took Mavis an early morning coffee. Then I let her lay in  till late. She is doing well on this new chemo.

My Blood pressure monitor  seems to be playing up. recently i  get error reports  or  I have to take the best of 3 or 4 readings. Thats not good enough  especially in my present condition. i  searched the net for a replacement. I found one and read the reviews lots of 5 stars  and good reports. approved by several GPs. Curries had one on their web. So we went shopping . But curries said we dont stock them you need a mega store. The nearest was nearly 30  miles away.  I had to get mavis a new keyboard and mouse so  I picked them up  then , so back home  I checked amazon. Gosh  how silly not to have looked before the same one nearly £30  cheaper. So that’s on order now will be here by end of the week. This one creates graphs and logs all entry’s and even sends  the results to my GP. Hows that.

I’ve done tomorrows puzzle. It took me a while to do. I hope you enjoy it.

I had a couple of funny turns in the car ,it was a case of  a few puffs on my puffer, that sorted it. Apart from the chest pains I broke into a cold sweat. I’ve not had that before. When I checked ,it’s all part of  the condition. No problems. The sooner I get sorted the sooner I can get on with my life.

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