I got a call this morning from my Surgeons Secretary. She assured me I had not been forgotten. and that I am on the list . But  she had no dates yet. Armed with this news, I  got  hold of  The Hospital . I said I have just had a call regarding my Op, Yes she said they were  checking  up  to see if you were on our list, which you are. I said do you  not have a date yet. No  , it will be end of June or July at best.

I said look I am  between a rock and a hard place here. I am my wifes carer , she has begun her Chemo regime and I really need this at the earliest date . What can you do for me. She said I have an emergency  just  come in  now. I will  get back to you.

I thought OK maybe in a couple of days time. But 20 mins later she rang me back. She said I can fit you in for 20th June that’s the best I can offer , will you take that. I said yes please. The proviso is should an emergency  come in I may get cancelled and put back a week or 2 did I understand that. Yes no problems. OK she said we will see you then.

See what you can do if you try.

At 2;30 It’s off to cardiac nurse./ My god she is so thorough. She goes through everything Pulse blood pressure sitting  and standing then rest and re-do it all again. Questions questions questions. She is concerned  that my BP is a bit high but my pulse is far to low.

she has to balance my  pulse with my BP and my history  of exposure with asbestos . Some of my medication should not have been given to me with that exposure.

I have been short of breath  . That is down to  the change in pills. so that’s  sorted. my dizziness is sorted. So a review of my pills again. A new appointment  to see me before my  op. If my GP had been this thorough I probably would not have been on all my pills in the first place.

My new Blood pressure kit has just arrived. Gosh it is a bit technical.


Product Description

Product Description

iHealth Blood Pressure Dock. The first ever blood pressure monitoring system for iPod Touch 4th Gen, iPhone 4, and iPad. iHealth turns your iPhone/iPod or iPad into a powerful blood pressure monitor. It includes a diary for tracking BP measurements taken by the iHealth BP dock. Its elegant user interface and vivid testing process makes keeping an eye on vital signs more enjoyable than ever before. It also empowers you to see the changes and reasons behind them using simple analysis tools: interactive graph, statistics, smart World Health Organization (WHO) classifications, and an FAQ.

Box Contains

iHealth blood pressure dock

Blood pressure cuff

Connect cable
User guide

Product Description

First ever blood pressure monitoring system for iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad. Easily take control of monitoring your healthcare via your iPhone 4, iPad or iPod touch (4th Gen.) Now you can do something you’ve never done on your iPhone 4, iPad or iPod touch (4th Gen.) before – track your blood pressure flowing and then begin to actually identify relationships between your blood pressure and your daily life. You can calculate averages for and graph your systolic/diastolic numbers heart rate, pulse wave and measurement time. Flick up and down, right or left, to check your test results, pulse wave graph and WHO classification Easily add or edit measurement results using slide-in controls. Includes a comprehensive database of frequently asked questions regarding blood pressure.

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