Doing  nothing  today. A chill out day. Mavis is tired. I think the chemo  does more than she lets on.

Me I am ok no problems. Louis had 3 walks so he is a happy bunny . Weve watched a bit of TV snoozed through the boring bits. A typical Sunday. Its nice to have all the doors and windows open. It got a bit of a breeze blowing . We are not used to this humid sunny days..

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A really lazy day. Its sunnjy  here so that makes a heap of difference to  how one feels. Mavis said she feels good today. she  is over the nasty pains she has had  during the past  couple of days which she neglected to tell me about at the time.

I took louis  out and I also did  quite well. We got  quite a long way up the lane today. I seem to be getting a bit further  each day now. I feel almost normal today.

After lunch we took a walk  round our old route , calling in the local shop  on the way back. It was a meeting place for  dogs.  louis was well behaved, he only  barked at  a pair tied to an electric cart. But not a loud bark. All in all  he passed 6 more dogs without incident. he was just sitting waiting for mavis to emerge. He spotted her in the shop  doorway and was up like a rocket, champing at the lead.

Its late now all done in. Ready for another day tomorrow.

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Up early checked emails and up popped a reminder. Appointment at the eye clinic at 9.30. Oh dear Forgot that. Bit of a panic. So  dashing about getting ready and off  I went.

No problems I get results in a couple of weeks

Now we are off to Hospital  for mavis chemo sessions. My hearing aid packed up  so I can drop that in for repair while there.


A long wait  at hospital. Appointment was 1pm but we didnt get called untill 20 to 3. No explanation as why the late running?

back home dinner is done and out the way. mave is catching up with a nap.

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IMG_0113I overlaid today. louis woke me at 9.15. He jumped on the bed pulled the  covers off my face  licked me , when I woke up he was happy he jumped  off and disappeared. Thanks louis. Gosh I was tired. After breakfast I took him for his walk.

Then after lunch we took him  round  to the park. I don’t know why but  I was worn out. I did the walk and had no pains but  I had no energy either. Perhaps I am expecting too much too soon. Although I am much better than before the stent. Never satisfied are we.

I’ve been catching up on Ellen ET posts in Facebook I don’t know where she gets it from but I find them fantastic. keep it up.

Tomorrow its back to hospital for maves chemo. So as we didn’t get the phone call  last night all must be well in the bloods department.

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At 8:20 the new sofa bed arrived. Gosh  it  looked heavy. I opened the door to see 2 men struggling  up the path. Oh I am sorry I said but the old one is still here,it’s not been collected yet. No problems they said. Would you like us to take it out for you. Well that would be good of you. No problems. in no time at all  old one was outside.

They looked at the doorway and muttered something about Hm! looks a bit tight. I said the shop said I need 27 inches and I measure  and its 27 and a half. Ok  so  they lifted  and guided and wow! it was tight but they did it . they  tore off all the poly sheeting and showed us how the bed part worked. One quick  simple lift  up and a gentle pull outward and it was done. Even quicker closing it. All in and done in less than 10 mins.

Next an early  trip to hospital for mavis`s blood check. Our neighbour Dave ran us  in. Whilst Mavis was in  being sorted. Dave and I walked to the restaurant and had a coffee and a natter. Soon mavis walked back in. so  off home.  A bit of lunch and a wait for the hospice charity to  collect the old 2 piece suite. At  2 pm they  arrived.  Is that the one he asked. Yes . He quickly  checked the labels for the fire retardant one. Then he sat in it without the cushions . Checking  the springs  he pulled tugged and pushed it, up ended it checked underneath checked the castors. Then put all the cushions on and sat in it again. I thought blimey you would think I was charging them for it instead of donating it. Then his mate came  to join him. Are we taking  it he asked. yes ,seems Ok he said. So off it went into their van. Thanks for that he said and off they went.

So at least it will do someone a turn and mavis said she is happy that its gone to a good cause. I said yes with  best part of £300.00 worth of 3 Plumbs sets of  extra covers.

Louis is a bit nervous getting on the new one but  I recon that will pass.


I’ve spent a while testing the new sofa , I think I can give it 10/10

Mavis approves she keeps grinning at me . 

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A lovely bright morning. Another walk with louis . Not sprinting up the lane but certainly getting there. Slept well so thats a good sign.

We took louis  to the park for his run, oddly i didnt feel  up to it. I just wandered a short distance from the car watching. i suppose I am going to get good days and not so good days.

My  cardiac nurse phoned me to  see how I am after my op. She wants me to have a 24 hour monitor  for Blood pressure. She is writing to the hospital so  I dont know what this entails. Mavis says i will get fitted with a monitor.:-

24-hour ambulatory blood pressure monitoring (ABPM)

24-hour ambulatory blood pressure monitoring
Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitoring (ABPM) is when your blood pressure is being measured as you move around, living your normal daily life. It is normally carried over 24 hours. It uses a small digital blood pressure machine that is attached to a belt around your body and which is connected to a cuff around your upper arm. It small enough that you can go about your normal daily life and even sleep with it on.

Why might I need a 24-hour monitor?

By measuring your blood pressure at regular intervals over 24 hours, your doctor is able to get clear pictures of how your blood pressure changes throughout the day. There are a number of reasons why your doctor might suggest this test:

  • They may want to find out if your high blood pressure readings in the clinic are much higher than they are away from the clinic (called the “white coat effect”).
  • They may want to see how well your medicines are working, to make sure they are controlling your blood pressure through the day.
  • They may want to see if your blood pressure stays high at night. If this is the case, they may need to change or adjust your medicines.

What happens during 24-hour blood pressure monitoring?

Normally the machine is fitted at your local hospital outpatients department, although some GP surgeries may have their own.

A 24-hour blood pressure measurement is just the same as a normal blood pressure check: a digital machine takes your blood pressure by inflating a cuff around your upper arm and then slowly releasing the pressure. The machine is small enough to be worn on a belt on your waist while the cuff stays on your upper arm for the full 24 hours.

The machine then takes blood pressure readings at regular intervals throughout the day: usually, every 15-30 minutes during the daytime and 30-60 minutes at night. You will need to keep the monitor on through the night – you could put the machine under the pillow or on the bed while you sleep.

Because the test is being carried out to find out what your normal daily blood pressure is, it is important to carry on with your normal routine and do all the things you would normally do. The only things you should avoid doing for the day are swimming and having a bath or shower.

At the end of the 24 hours you can remove the machine and cuff and give it back to the hospital or surgery. The machine will have stored all your readings and these will then be analysed.

What do I need to do during 24-hour blood pressure monitoring?

To allow the machine to work properly, it is important to make sure that the tube to the machine is not twisted or bent. Also, just before the machine is about to take a reading, it will beep. When this happens you should:

  • sit down, if possible
  • keep the cuff at the same level as your heart
  • keep your arm steady.

You will also be asked to keep a diary of what you were doing just before the reading was taken, what time you went bed and got up and if and when you took medications. Some people find 24-hour ABPM distracting and uncomfortable: if you feel like this when the readings are being taken, speak your doctor or nurse as it may affect your reading.

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Panic Stations. Just had a phone call Our new Sofa is ready for delivery wednesday morning.

Got to get rid of the old one. Phoned a few  charity  collections . Found one  who can  collect it on Wednesday afternoon. A bit short notice. I was hoping for a weeks notice.


My walk with louis this morning was Ok. I managed to walk beyond my usual place of late. My walk back was almost normal. A little short of breath but no pain. And at the same pace as my outward journey. The best since the heart attack. It’s only a few days now and already  I can feel and see a difference. I recon a week from now I will be almost normal again.


After Lunch when mavis got ready to take louis out she said would you like to try to do the round walk with me. Hmm! Ok  so off we went about  every few yards are you ak? how are you doing. She asked. But I  did the walk . i was a bit tired when we got back but no pains..

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