We both  got up late today. Shattered. We  took louis  to the park. Mavis said are you  going to sit in the car. I said no its a nice day I will  come with you. You shouldnt   she said. I  can always stop if I am in trouble. I managed to  slowly walk up the gravel  pathway. bit by bit until I reached the top. I had forgotten what the view was like from the top. Ok so I was short of breath, but I was up there and the return was all down hill.

I felt  pleased with myself. But  on reaching the car again I was happy to just  get in and rest for a bit. When we got home I  simply slumped in the chair and fell asleep. Bark Bark Bark  Oh god louis woke me up  my pills were  being delivered.

Since the heart attack my pills are all over the place. I think some disappeared  in hospital  or I didn’t come home with all of them. I used to order every 28 days and they all came at once. But the hospital added some  so It meant  now some run out before  the others. Then the Doctor added some so they ran out  different to the others. Then the nurse stopped some changed dosage on  some. Now I have a box with  half empty boxes  full boxes and nearly empty boxes. Hence the reason I ran out of 2 most important ones last week. By the time I order new ones and I chase them up its 6 days or more before I get them. So I sat down today and sorted them all out. I’ve put a list in the diary and on my phone with alerts. i need them every 28 days because that’s all they give me now because of cut backs. So I will get a reminder every 20 days to renew.

That way some will  not be empty but I can catch up and get the majority all at once again. I need them to be delivered before I run out. I suppose I am not the only one.

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