11 Days and counting.

Really sad news to wake up to today . We lost another warrior during the night. Debbie mumbruv finally succumbed to this filthy disease mesothelioma. Our thoughts go out to  her family.

All the well wishes and tributes today have not sunk in yet. It’s hard to get  my head round this.


I’ve not put a puzzle on today as it seems some of you havent caught up yet. Perhaps one a day is tooo much. Let me know if  that’s so.

Nuffield_Health_Laser_eye_surgeryTomorrow its my turn for hospital appointments. Last year I had Laser treatment on my eyes and its my 6 monthly check up. If its is ok then  my checks will go to an annual one. Next  my  Angio plasty Op is fast approaching. Today mavis said could I manage the walk to the local shop. Yes I said I will take a couple of puffs of my spray and I will be fine. So off we went. Are you going to do the whole walk she asked. Wow! I said I thought it was just as far as the shop and not our old walk round with louis. I said I don’t think I am ready for that. Ok  you go and treat yourself in the shop  while I take louis  . You can wait for me on the bench. Ok  so I  slowly walked round the shop  looking at nothing in particular. Just remembering the last time I was in there. I  picked up a  bar of dark chocolate and a bunch of grapes. Then I hovered around not wanting to go outside in the wind. But I noticed the assistant  watching me. I suddenly thought I feel like a shoplifter. So I  made my way to the till. Paid for my bits and went out and sat on the bench. I was remembering the last time I sat on it was the day before  my heart attack. I was having the 2nd of my 3 heart attacks. I sat there in  pain thinking it was down to the cold and probably indigestion. But  we found out the next day when I had the big one that it was not indigestion. I sat there waiting for mavis to  come back with louis, thinking about Debbie. How quick  life changes. We never know when  today will be our last one. On that day sitting in the cold waiting for Mavis to turn the corner. I had no idea that  by the same time the next day I was going to be out with louis when my 3rd and big heart attack was going to strike . Not knowing that, that could have been my last day. …

Today  mavis and I was talking about  that day  with Debs in mind and I said that’s why  you should never go to bed on an argument. Because tomorrow may never arrive and it may be too late.

Sorry to be so down today but  this sad news brings it home just how precious each day is. Grab it with both hands and savour every second.

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