2 more days  and I am off for my procedure. All my transport sorted.

Next got to get mavis sorted.

I  went  with mavis to the park to give louis his run. Instead of sitting in the car I decided to give it a go  and walk with them.

Where do you think your going  Mave said. get back in the car. No I am Ok  I wont to do this. I wanted to  see just how  I am now so I can compare how I will be after my stent.

I took it slow up the hill  helped by 2 lots of 2 sprays. I was glad when I reached the top.Ii had forgotten how good the view is.

How you doing she asked. Ok I said. Dont tell me Ok ,look at you. Youve over done havent you.

But the slow walk back was down hill. Back in the car I needed to sit for a bit to get my breath back. Then a gentle drive home.

I thought I  was better than I am. My brain says yes go for it. But the rest of me tells the truth.

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