Panic Stations. Just had a phone call Our new Sofa is ready for delivery wednesday morning.

Got to get rid of the old one. Phoned a few  charity  collections . Found one  who can  collect it on Wednesday afternoon. A bit short notice. I was hoping for a weeks notice.


My walk with louis this morning was Ok. I managed to walk beyond my usual place of late. My walk back was almost normal. A little short of breath but no pain. And at the same pace as my outward journey. The best since the heart attack. It’s only a few days now and already  I can feel and see a difference. I recon a week from now I will be almost normal again.


After Lunch when mavis got ready to take louis out she said would you like to try to do the round walk with me. Hmm! Ok  so off we went about  every few yards are you ak? how are you doing. She asked. But I  did the walk . i was a bit tired when we got back but no pains..

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