A really lazy day. Its sunnjy  here so that makes a heap of difference to  how one feels. Mavis said she feels good today. she  is over the nasty pains she has had  during the past  couple of days which she neglected to tell me about at the time.

I took louis  out and I also did  quite well. We got  quite a long way up the lane today. I seem to be getting a bit further  each day now. I feel almost normal today.

After lunch we took a walk  round our old route , calling in the local shop  on the way back. It was a meeting place for  dogs.  louis was well behaved, he only  barked at  a pair tied to an electric cart. But not a loud bark. All in all  he passed 6 more dogs without incident. he was just sitting waiting for mavis to emerge. He spotted her in the shop  doorway and was up like a rocket, champing at the lead.

Its late now all done in. Ready for another day tomorrow.

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