I had to collect my hearing Aid from the hospital . So  we decided to call into  the business park  and take a look at Fridges in Currys. Ours is still working but mavis said she doesnt like it. She would like a new one. So  as the automatic doors slid open we stood there looking in. mavis said She would go in and see what  they had while I waited outside with the dog. Soon she came back she found what she wanted.  i was supposed to go in and sort it. Can we take louis in she asked. I will go and find out . I caught a salesman and asked him ,can I bring my dog inside. Yes  no problems. So  the 3 of us went back. Located which one she liked. After more deliberation as to price and size she decided on the dearest and the biggest. I  found another salesman  i want to pinch one of your fridges I said. OK which one would you like to pinch he said. Soon the painfull bit was sorted. When would you like delivery he said. I jokingly said tomorrow would be nice. Because  delivery on the net said 2/ 3 weeks. Tomorrow is fine he said. All details done and dusted. Back to the car to find Mavis. You can have it tomorrow I said. Gosh thats brilliant then.

Glad I dont have to collect my hearing aid too often it turns out an expensive journey.

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