I didn’t do a post yesterday. I didn’t do anything.

I havent really done much today. Yesterday I helped mavis clean and tidy the motor home and wash the car.

Today I did my  normal chores and late this afternoon I had to  go  down to the van and finish a small job. The temperature was in the 30s , to hot to do anything. But  I decided to  take a run in the car to McDonald’s.

I  got 2 milkshakes. I put them in the cup holders by the gearstick . Put the Aircon On and full blower and opened the windows. I hoped they would still be cold  for the 10 minute trip home. When I walked in mavis couldn’t believe it. But  we shared ours with louis. Poor little sod he is cooking. mavis has wrapped him in a cold wet towel to cool him down.

temp 1MG_0123Here my gauge shows 32.2 c at 6 o’clock still hot.

Tomorrow early start , hospital for mavis scan. This scan means a lot.

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