Wow its hot again 30c

We had to get to  hospital for Maves Scan. We have been  4 times a year  for the past 4 years so we are  used to it.

We get there an hour ahead of  the appointment because  Mave has to drink a jug full of water over an hour. So  when the jugs  empty it’s about  appointment time. Sometimes this works sometimes it dont. Today we got talking to a couple  ,it was her first time. So  she was asking lots of questions. When later another  couple came in it was her first time also. She started asking questions. It was good to be able to answer them and put hem at ease.

Strange how mavis has become almost an expert at these things. Who would have thought. I said we could set up an enquiry desk and sort them out as they come in.

We didn’t take louis for his round walk ,it’s too hot. We left it  till late afternoon. but its  nearly 5pm and it’s still 30c here. So we had a walk up the lane. But he wasnt really  interested. As soon as we got back he just flopped out again.

I  have put the solar panel  up in the van to charge up the batts. They have been left to run down and that’s not good. I hope I havent spoilt them.

Tomorrow we have another meeting  at the D.O.G  Group. I hope they have aircon.

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