Bush blackbird & ThrushWhat a nice weekend. I was a bit uneasy before we went. mavis left her chemo chair and we travelled straight to the rally. We had not seen any of   the faces since late last year. But what a welcome we got. You would think we only left last week. We soon settled in. But  Mavis was feeling the heat and after effects of her chemo she was tired.

Not long after we arrived she advised me that the fridge was not working. Oh dear. we had spent a fortune  on fresh  foods and fruit  the fridge was jammed to the hilt.

i  checked  what I could and said well the light is on I can see the flame so it is working. Its because its toooo hot. I said keep the door shut and we will monitor it.

Well  the next morning she got up and served breakfast and added THE FRIDGE IS NOT WORKING OK. Well I am not fridge expert ,what could I do. As I was coming back to the van with  louis I was chatting , My  stupid fridge isnt working I said.  After explaining its symptoms, I was advised the jet  needs cleaning. And in no time at all I was removing outside covers with help screwdrivers and things werre poked in from all sides. NOPE the flame is a nice blue colour so the jets are ok. So  all bits screwed back in place. Oh well looks like a trip to the repair man or a new fridge is on the cards.

next I was helping with  the do,s and donts of fitting a solar panel. When mavis poked her head round the corner. Your  jets blocked she said.  No it isnt we said. It is. That man said you are looking at the wrong jet. But  there is only one jet we said. No  there is 2. So  we politely walked round the van  to talk to this chap. Whip that cover off  he said let me see the flame. So we did. No  he said I expected to see a yellow flame but you do have a nice blue flame. Problem is it shoud be a hell of a lot bigger than that. He pointed out bits  that needed taking apart and said its easy you can do it inside an an hour tops. But  I was thinking GAS Valves Hmm. By this time quite a crowd of  helpers had arrived all  eagerly looking  through my  vent at the back of the fridge. Its up to you  , go on, what have you got to loose. What do you think were all the comments comming my way. Shall we do it some one said  Why not . Looking at me  what  do you  say do you  want to do it. Not me personally I said. next thing   tools appear from everywhere. helping hands all delving inside my vent. Bits  being dropped because its still hot. Eventually  the offending  part is out. The smallest little cap was the culprit. It  had dust blocking the holes you could not push a hair through. With that all  cleaned and back. Turn the gas on ray try it. No . not working. No spark. They forgot to earth it. So once mor  we try it whoomph first  time ignition. Flame lovely blue and about 2 and half time the size before. All back together and working. A job well done. This morning we checked it. The icebox is so frosty  touch it and you finger sticks.

All in all its been a good weekend away.

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2 thoughts on “Sunday

  1. Isn’t it great Ray, when folks offer assistance right there on the spot? Glad that the fridge got sorted, and glad to hear that you and Mavis had a smashing weekend, despite Mavis’s Chemo session on Friday.

    Cheers for now, Jock.

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