Its I am awake and up now cant sleep. Mavis followed me. She is awake now. At the moment its cooler.  I have to go to B and Q  for a few bits today. I have a couple of Jobs to do.

I must get  some jigsaw puzzles on line today. I didnt do any over the weekend .

Had problems again with my  bank card. The ATM said sorry  this account is closed. I got on to the bank. After  100S of  questions i got through . They said my account is fine and no stops have been placed  on my card.. It could be a damaged card. So I now get a new one sent to me. pain in the arse.

I said dont send me a contactless one I dont want it. They saidf they are automatic. IF I dont want one I have to go to my branch and speak to the manager. more  crap.

Been to B and Q got my bits and done the job. So I can relax again.

Both mavis , Louis and me crashed out  it is so muggy. Louis crawls from one cold spot to  another. I am like a wet rag. mavis is now sunburned.

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