bart9Another nice weekend away.

It started Friday Lunchtime. With  a few changes of Clothes and Enough Food  packed in the van. We set off for Bartons Point. The weather forcast was frightening  for the Saturday eveneing and we were  a bit  nervous. Heavy rain and Thunderstorms. And we were  going to be  right on the point. But nothing ventured nothing gained. WE were soon ariving on site and greeted by larry who was stewarding the weekend. After being  shown whats what we found a spot and parked up. Chairs out and the van all set up we started to enjoy the hot  sunny afternoon.

We met old faces again and chatted away. Saturday morning we laid in and apart from mavis letting louis out  early for a pee we didn’t emerge untill about 10 am. Later  in the day we took a long round walk . I think it  was the longest walk we have done in a while. Certainly  for me since my  problems earlier in the year.  Later  in the day the watherfororcast was coming to fruition. Big spots on the heki were heard. Then  some flashes and a bit of thunder. Nothing like the forecast. But we settled down  to a bit of TV. Sunday morning The entertainment was coach loads of  sea cadets arrived to  take sailing lessons on the lakes. So with  shouts of joy from all the kids we watched them move out  , soon the safety  boat was helping with capsized boats. Because the wind got up very strong and it was blowing the boats over. so the 3 help boats were busy. After a spot of lunch we gave louis a short walk and returned to sit outside in the sun. Joined by 2 friends we passed the afternoon away chatting. But  all good things come to an end. It was time to  start packing  up and stowing the bits back in the van. With  our goodbyes all done we set off  for home. Only about a 40 mile trip. once back  home  a cup of tea was in order. Emails and blogs to catch up with. And so another weekend closes.

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