A trip again to hospital for maves blood count check.

When we  called into Asda for some shopping. I noticed  the tyres looked a bit  plump. When I got back out  from the shed came my 12v pump. It pumped up  the 2 front tyres. But  on the 3rd i could smell burning when I checked the pump it was belching smoke. So it  died on me. Its only been used a couple of times. So  out  from under the spare wheel came my littlle pump. That  finished the other2. So I decided to  do the Van tyres. Plugged in. Nothing. . The cigar holder isnt working. Eventualy I had to use my internal  skt. But  the little pump wasnt man enough. It  spluttered and would not pump. I tried it back in the car it works ok so  asking it to pump  65PSI is to muck. I need a new HD pump now.

My pp9  battery charger packed up yesterday so Its a new one of them. Nothing lasts today. We used to say Oh its jap Crap what do you expect. But today its all crap.


Because I need the cigar  skt working or  I will loose sat nav. Ive been  traceing circuit and fuses. I found offending  blown fuse so thats now sorted. i  found a nut under maves seat  so I  fitted a bolt in that for her, Cant have her leaping through windscreen at  Traffic lights can I.

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