993390_169705956550341_1000308068_nIts a trip to chemo. Mavis said lets get there early we might get seen. I said No Chance. A its friday B its an after lunch appointment. But hey Ho Off we go. As soon as we booked in it was obvious that they were running late No surprise then. Our 2 pm appointment dragged on and on and on. 10 past 3 we were called in. This week we had a trainee nurse being supervised doing the business. Shame ,she did ok but so slow. And she was a bit rough. Mavis  said the pic line is being pulled out. So the sister checked it  and agreed it was out about 5cm but was happy  to continue. Mavis had to take a couple of pills to  alleviate the reaction she had last week. So by the time we were conected up to  chemo it was nearly 3.45. So what was supposed to be an half hour treatment this week wasnt. WE finally  got out at 20 to 5. Mavis was not feeling to good,which was worrying because we planned to visit friends. But the reaction last friday was not good because  shee slept nearly all day saturday and to be fair she hasnt been right all week. So we will see what she is like tomorrow.

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Ive been busy today. Gave louis his walk fist thing. Then I  decided to  cut back  the hedges both back and front. I wouldnt mind but they are not my hedges. They are neighbours where they cut their side but all the crap that grows through to my side needs cutting .

Pain in the arse.  We were all ready for mavis 2 pm appointment . Then when I came back from louis lunch time walk she said its not 2 pm its 3 pm. So  basicly thats today  sorted.

I am having major problems logging into my website. 2 days Ive been trying. The technical  dept dont seem to  have grasped it yet. They ask me lots of questions. But so far not a lot of help. Ive had the site for about 3 years and its always been a pain. I have other sites that I run and for other people too. each with a different  server and no trouble. I think when  they sort this out I will close my account and transfer it to  a new one.

My sports back belt  seems to be working today. i could not have cut the hedges without it.

i am still having problems updating my  web. Nothing I do works. Ive spent hours on it again today. Yesterdays problems were the site was closed. Not my fault. But they fixed it.

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Blood check day. As usual we arived early hopeing to get seen , but no luck running late again. Mavis is convinced her count is high and that they w ill cancel chemo on Friday. So its a waiting game.

After a spot of lunch she went out  into the garden to do some weeding. I recon it was just to pass the time. I looked into the shed with an eye to  declutter. But to be honest. I didnt know where to start so sadly i didnt.


!0 past 5 no phone call so  blood count is either ok or they are going ahead anyway. So tomorrow  visit oncologist for  3 monthly chat. Then Friday Chemo. And if she feels upto it perhaps we will visit  some friends on Saturday. we shall see.

I ordered a sports lumber support belt. That came today  Ive had it on for a couple of hours now. Its a bit uncomfortable but it seems to help the back. More  time to judge if its  to  be resigned to the back of the draweer with all the other  junk that dont work.

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A lot warmer today. My new laptop battery came today. It seems Fine. It took about half an hour to go from half to full charge. The test will be how long it takes to run down. Especially when we are away.

Because its Mavis Birthday I took her for a meal. It was a rest from cooking for her. And I didnt have to wash up

When we got back there was a note in the door. Parcel left in the shed.

It was an enormous Bunch of flowers. From Chris at IATP. Very nice man.

I saved in a doggy bag some of my steak for louis. He demolished it  without any hesitation.

and so end another day its bloods check tomorrow. mavis is a bit woried that  they will stop her chemo on friday. They let it go last week but if the count is still low then she wont get number 5. So its a wait n see day.

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A round trip  of  26 miles just o get louis his favourite chews. As it was too hot to leave him in the car. Mavis walked him round while I went in the shop. Ages up and down the racks. I can’t find them. So Out I came. Maves said , rather annoyingly  that She should have gone in instead as I never find anything. I said they  have not  got any. !0 mins later out she came clutching a carrier bag. Louis will be a happy bunny. Yep she found them.

I waited with baited breath for the refuse lorry this morning. geared up for a confrontation. I know silly me with a heart condition. But hey. I dashed out when I heard them. He opened the lid  so I walked up to him as he started searching  in  the bin. Is everything OK I asked. But he was clutching a hand full of  cellophane lids from the top of an empty meat pack. These dont go in here he said. I was about to  shove them where the sun don’t shine when he said I will take these THIS WEEK! Next week the go in the black bin. So  today after they left I have been swatting up on the little booklet . I think to be on the safe side of not being arrested Anything I am not sure about  goes in the black bin. I said to my neighbour I was prepared to tip it all in the road and put a match to it. he laughed and said next week if you feel like that let him know so he can get his camera. If it wasnt so stupid it might be funny..

Anyway my fingers are now at that  tender point I can still feel the tips but getting there.

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Mixed day today. Wet and now sunny. Louis had me on a never ending walk this morning. He didnt want to  turn round.

Mavis brother came  visiting. Its her birthday so he always brings a present and a card.

We all sat chatting  for a couple of hours. Ive been sorting pictures for future  Jigsaws so I have a few in reserve now. The numbers doing them seem to have dropped off , maybe  not everyones cup of tea. I like doing them though.


company all gone evening meal done and dusted washing up done. We are both  shatered I recon an early night is in order. Tomorrow is crunch day for  refuse collection. Watch this space.

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A bit of a No No day. Its wet. Apart from  louis walks not a lot hapeneing.

Mavis  likes to set herself  goals . Example at malvern last year she said I  will be here next year. So this year she said what is my goal for next year. I said why not make it back here again next year. Ok she said. We were  watching the Country group at the time.

l said Ok  and me, well Ill make a pledge to. We will be here and I WILL Learn a Song and Play it Here. Since my heart attatck this year my  guitar practice took a nose dive. So this week I am back with a vengance. New Guitar - Copy

My fingers have got soft again so at the moment They are sore again. But  a pledge is a pledge. I have been practicing several times a day all week. Who knows maybe one day I can upload me to you tube. At the moment if I did that youtube would shut down lol.

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