I had to wrap a book and get it to the post office asap  this morning. So as I had walked louis earlier in the burning heat,I said to Mavis its too hot for you out there. I will  go to the post office and post your book. Then I will carry on  to Halfords where I can sort a new tyre pump  for the van.Pump

After yesterdays fiasco of burning pumps  blown fuses and little pumps with no guts. I decided a foot pump will do better. But  I ended up getting a  hand pump. I dont know if thats wise with my back. But hey its done now.

Shortly I will try it. If this post never gets finished you will know why.


Err! When I tried it. I couldnt get the valve  on. It required  removing the wheel hubs first which was stupid. So! back to  halfords to  exchange it for:footpumpAnd I got £5 refund. I should have got this first. The other one was for bikes as it had a large connector. This has the conventional one. I will try it later when  it gets a bit cooler. On the way home we called into  McDonalds for a cool milk shake. So sorry  they said our machine is out of action. You must be joking I said. its 32 outside and your  cooling milk machine is broken.

You could have a smoothy  she offered. So  thats what I got. It was cold but not as good as a milkshake.Its the only thing I  use  Mcdonalds for.

Well we didnt get the dreaded phone call last evening so Mavis1s blood count  must be good again. SO TOMORROW ITS CHEMO DAY AGAIN.

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