The day started off ok. But went slowly down hill. Mavis decided to shred papers in the bin. I could hear  the shredder squealing I thought that dont sound right. So  I toddled into  have a look  , see if I could help.

It was jammed solid. Wont go forward or reverse. I  took all the screws out but I  could not seperate the motor. I spent ages with a knife and tweezers trying to unblock it. Eventually I  ran out of patience and gave up.

We had to  get to the hospital  again. As it was now 11.45 and after lunch when we arrived we risked parking  in the grounds. Yippee we found a space. So I dropped  her off and  Then I caught the bus into town and another bus into wincheap. I found Staples the Office supplier. I sorted a new shredder. And set off  back on my busses to the hospital. When I walked into  the ward area. Mavis was still waiting to go in. Oh ! This could be a long day. After mavis was called in they  started on her. Next thing the nurse said to me would I like to  sit in the conservatory. I took the hint.

Then mavis came in. They cant get  the pict line to produce blood. They think it may have come adrift inside?? So  we had to get  down to Xray. Its all sorted she was told. But  when we got there they didnt expect  her. We sat  for ages  with nothing happening. So  I walked back up to the ward again and spoke to the nurse. Has she been seen to  she asked. NO I said its a bit sloppy no one knows what she is there for. Well  thats not good enough she said, we only have  a 30 minute window  then we wont be able to continue with her chemo. We need the xray  asap. So she came back to the  xray dept with me. After a few minutes she came and told us. You are next. With  it  all done we made our way back to the  chemo ward with 10 mins to spare. its now nearly 3 hours since we arrived. They are running late again. But the xray result was seen by a doctor and it was ok to proceed with 5 mins to spare. So we ended up the last patient left and it was gone 6 pm now. Thats an entire  half day spent in the hospital again  for a 1 and a 1/0  hour session.

We are home  weve had our tea and Ive tried the new shredder thats ok. Its 8pm i am shattered and so must mavis be as well.

Tomorrow is another day.

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